April 14th, 2003

Morning street

Two Days

Well, after two days at the new job I still like it. It doesn't hurt that none of the usual suspects were around this weekend; Dj and Carol are in NOLA, Grace and Becky are getting ready for inventory of the huge bookstore where they work, D&P are hanging out with their friend who just had a baby, and Susan is more than likely hanging out with her sister and TD. JC is trying to get their house ready for sale and also work a couple shifts this weekend. So everyone else was at least as busy as me, so I didn't miss a game night or movie or anything fun, really. It was tiring, but a good kind of tiring, learning new things always wears me out, once I've dreamt about them it's better. Unfortunately I was dreaming while watching "The Chamber of Secrets", but I'd seen it already and I didn't miss any important scenes (any scene containing Lucius Malfoy, AND his hair), the deleted scenes were good for once as were the cast interviews.
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Morning street

What a maroon.

I am a moron.
I have been looking for a part-time job for a couple weeks now. The Sunday Tribune was very short on ads for decent part-time jobs. There was one that sounded interesting though, something about making money at home using your computer. "Yeah, right", I thought, since it was difficult to find legitimate part-time jobs on hot jobs and monster. When you put in "part-time" as a search a big steaming pile of scam "jobs" that "you can do at home on your computer in your spare time!" come up. But this job in the paper sounded legit, so I called and since they lied (which I wasn't expecting, silly me), I actually gave them $100 without doing the very basic thing I always do when I don't know enough about something, google for it. If I had I would have seen right away that this is a scam, big-time. First, the people who are due the refunds don't need anyone's help to collect them, the letters that come in the booklet try to make it sound like they do though, second they lied to me!! They said I wouldn't need to print out any forms, the forms would be provided. They said I wouldn't need to provide postage, that was provided, and they said they didn't know what the average response rate was, none of those things were true. The only ones making money off of this deal are the people charging suckers like me $100 for an information booklet and a diskette.
The guaranteed refund is only available after I waste at least $3.70 in postage and paper and receive 10 returned responses. So I can throw good money after bad. Even if I thought mailing these forms out to people would work I wouldn't want to, it would be taking advantage of someone even less savvy than myself, which I would have a hard time with, unlike some others.
How discouraging and disappointing. Not only to be scammed when I should know better, but to realize that there are people out there who are profiting off of the desperation of others.
Off to learn my drinks list so that I can make an honest living.