May 27th, 2005


Hah! You thought you were safe!

I forgot the most entertaining part of the 'Books' meme, I get to pick on five other people on my flist.

Heh, let's see here.....

Mostly I'm picking people I think have the time/inclination to do this meme. To the rest of you it doesn't mean I don't care, just that I only get five chances and I'm maximizing the odds of at least three responses.

So here goes.

cynodontia, donia, kip_w, n5iln, and anyone else that wants to join the fun are tapped to do the book meme.

Went to see my folks today, it was my mom's birthday. I got her three dvds, Always, Dave, and Clue. She seemed happy with them.

Before we went out for lunch we stopped by the Illinois state DMV to renew my license. I was not looking forward to this as (in some things) I'm an idiot and my license had actually expired a while ago. So I was expecting an unpleasant bureaucratic hassle. I was in and out in about an hour, everyone I dealt with was very pleasant and personable (I know!) and I didn't need any of the carefully compiled paperwork, including my birth certificate and adoption papers. Mom had kept them all together for me, including the notes from my 'foster mother', 37 years ago.  Apparently they started babies on cereal a LOT earlier then, I was fed cereal at four weeks and fruit at seven weeks, around the time I learned to make a noise other than crying. One sentence from the notes she made for Mom stands out and is true to this day; " not to let her sleep too late or she is very fussy the rest of the day." Hee. My foster mother, the woman who took care of me for six months before I was adopted, apparently had white hair and through my toddler years Mom tells me I just adored any and all white-haired ladies.

Looked at a one-bedroom apartment in the next building, but $50 less a month is not a good enough reason to schlep my stuff down three stories and back up three stories. I am going to be getting new carpeting this summer (it's about goddamn time). All I have to do is move all my stuff out for the day. That'll be fun.
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