June 24th, 2007

Morning street

_Again_ with the shorts.

Seemed like a busy week, even though it wasn't really.
Tuesday was $1 Movie Night which was well attended. We wound up seeing "Next" which I had heard wasn't very good but I was pleasantly surprised by it and wound up liking it. I'm not going to buy the DVD or anything but it was decent. The crowd grew even more after we reached IHOP and it wound up being a fun night.
Then Thursday I was supposed to go to Mack's with a bunch of people from work but when I got there I didn't recognize any cars so I decided to go rollerblade shopping first, then go back and see if anyone was around. After spending a while testing various models at Dick's I settled on a pair of Real™ Rollerblades with the fancy-dancy ABT braking 'system' that brakes when you extend your right foot forward. Good thing too because the new skates are MUCH faster than the old ones. Something about not spraying skate bearings with WD-40. That's bad, apparently. Since I had invested in new skates I had to get a new bag, as the one I was using as combination purse/lunch bag was not working at all. So I got a sling-style backpack that fits well and is big enough to hold two water bottles, lunch, a change of shirt, my flip-flops and my (not small) purse. But now I have a system and can skate to work quickly and comfortably. Very happy about this. The road will be closed until October even though they've already made some progress (where 'progress' means tearing the old road up). Anyway, I spent so long at Dick's that it was too late for the bar so I just went home.
Friday was supposed to be a screening of "Serenity" in the city as a fund-raiser for Equality Now but I just couldn't face the idea of racing home, changing and racing to the expressway to sit in traffic for an hour, plus I got a call on the way home and wound up having company for a while and then got to read some more of The Jennifer Morgue which contains, amongst other goodies, zombie seagulls and Powerpoint Presentations of Doooooom.
Saturday was busy since I had friends meeting at my apartment before we toddled off to do Dinner by Design together, so I had to straighten up a bit. Everyone arrived on time and we went off to cook half a month's worth of meals. It turned out to be a good thing that we had decided to split as when we were done _no one's _ freezer would have been able to hold a month's worth of food. For anyone who's never done it, you pick out up to twelve meals to cook and they lay out all the ingredients and utensils you'll need. You prepare your chosen dishes, label the containers with instructions for reheating or cooking and then take the food home and freeze it. Voila, dinner's done for the month! Or something. We'll see. The actual prep was pretty easy and there weren't any dishes we couldn't have easily made ourselves at home but this way I didn't have to buy an entire bottle of tequila just for 2T to go in a marinade, etc. Plus they take care of the clean up for you and you can talk to your friends while cooking. I would do it again but it will be a while before I have room in my freezer.

Then it was off to dragonbane, kittykatkatja, and bijili's BBQ. I got there much later than I had intended to and was worried everyone would be done eating. Hah! People were still excited by the corn and other veggies I contributed to the feast. And there was again, _way_ too much food, but we did our best to rectify that situation. Movies were watched (How long has it been since I watched "The Princess Bride" all the way through?), games were played (Apples to Apples is always fun), marriage was proposed and accepted (Congratulations aimee_darling and deusinnomen!) and cats' ears were scritched, so it was the usual good time.
Thanks again to the hosts for knowing such an assortment of fine folk and allowing all the other people they know to invade their home periodically.

Today was the June Chicago Geocaching Meetup, we had four people there and found eight caches, with only one cache we searched for going unfound. Once again I cast aside common sense and wore shorts instead of jeans and once again it looks like I got into a fight with a raspberry bush. I'm pretty sure it was the same bush following me around, although it could have been several different bushes. We walked through a lovely meadow and surprised a faun who bounded away too quickly for me to get a picture of it. So far no poison ivy though, so that's good. It was nice to get to know a few more local geocachers better and we had a pretty nice day. As is usual on these outings I learned a little about geocaching and a few things about my GPSr, so a good outing all around. On the way home I stopped off to find one of the two caches that REI has hidden in the area. They're not listed on Geocaching.com, probably because they're sponsored by a company and not a private person. That's fine, we don't need gc.com flooded with corporate caches, *shudder*, that way madness lies. Missed finding two caches very close to me, not sure why, I'll have to try again soon.

Between doing stuff and chatting and reading it was a busy week, hence the lack of actual content.
I am however fairly contented, so that's nice.

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Morning street

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Whoops, almost let this one get by me, starting in 50 minutes and continuing until 12am tomorrow all you scurvy swabs have to treat lverhulst like royalty, it's her birthday! Everyone give a rowdy huzzah for the

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