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This is a 100 item list, stolen from snippy. You copy the whole thing into your journal, then leave the statements that are true for you, bolded and any statements you change in regular typeface.

01. I'm usually on time, and try not to be annoyed at those who are generally late.
02. I identify my ethnic background in terms of where I grew up, rather than my ancestors.
03. I like the idea of getting gifts, but I like the reality of giving them more than the reality of getting them.
04. Both set of grandparents lived over a days drive away, we didn't exchange visits more than once a year so they were not important in my childhood.
05. I don't swim well, but I'd like to learn to do better so I can learn to surf.
06. I don't like the mail coming (snail mail) because it's usually bills and junk.
07. When I'm depressed, it often manifests itself as inertia.
08. I have one siblings who was adopted (like me), I may have more but will never know.
09. I like weirdly flavored potato chips.
10. I know there are a lot of things I don't know but would like to learn about, but I am very knowledgeable about most of the stuff in my daily life.
11. I'm smart, and I know it.
12. I don't spend a lot of one-on-one time with people without getting to know them well, or fleeing.
13. I don't miss being able to play with toys, because I like the toys I have now better.

14. I live alone and I have a lot of trouble being neat. It's a bad combination.
15. I was a precocious talker.
16. I am either amused or annoyed when people don't see things that are right in front of them.
17. I read a lot, but the Internet has cut down on my fiction reading.
18. I am not sure how to measure how geeky I am.
19. I have no children, and I chose not to have any unless and until I find a partner.
20. It makes my day to get an email from someone. (Depends who it is, but there are definitely people for whom that holds.)
21. I took driver's ed in high school but didn't like to drive so my dad had to make me take the driver's exam.
22. I sing all the time, to music in my head or in the environment. I love to sing, but I can't carry a tune.
23. I have had long ( at least a few inches longer than shoulder length) hair since college.
24. I can french braid my own hair.
25. I enjoy seeing people dressed up for things, and it bothers me if they don't dress up when I think it would be appropriate.
26. I have enjoyed opera since about age 30, although I don't go often because I can't afford it.
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.
28. I'm a weird person (to the extent that this is a meaningful statement--everyone is someone else's weirdo).
29. My parents live nearby and I choose to have them in my life.
30. I don't generally see the appeal of watching/listening to bad movies or music in order to laugh at them, except in small doses, because it takes away time I could be spending enjoying good movies or music.
31. I assume people are trustworthy until they prove otherwise.
32. I've sung and danced in front of the mirror and pretended to be a pop star.
33. I still have all the journals I've ever written in. I almost never look at any of them.
34. When I get frustrated, I only talk about it with people who will stand still long enough for me to vent at them.
35. I look forward to living a lot longer.
36. I can get enjoyment out of washing dishes, and loading the dishwasher.
37. I've never broken a bone.
38. I rent, but would prefer to own, for the decorating freedom.
39. I wish I had more money.
40. I tend to avoid fights.
41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing. I'll like almost anything just because the person took the time to pick it out.
42. I have more alone time than I really need.

43. When something hurts my feelings, I usually feel hurt first, then angry.
44. I think I have underlying issues but not messed-up chemistry. This doesn't make me feel unusual.
45. I don't know if there are people and ideas I'd be willing to die for.
46. When I'm nervous I have to force myself not to smile when it's not appropriate.
47. I don't worry less about morality than I used to.
48. My political views have changed a lot from when I was younger.
49. When I'm walking across a high bridge or standing on a subway platform, I often get a strange urge to jump. It's not suicidal, but I don't know what it is.
50. I like cudding animals.
51. I don't like to wear skirts in summer or winter, I hardly ever wear them.
52. I shave my legs about once a month--I do it when my legs will be bare in public.
53. I miss the friendships that have faded due to neglect.
54. My biggest fear is not something I've wondered about, and it would take more time to figure out than I want to spend on this.

55. I like talking on the telephone.
56. I've been to Los Angeles 6 times that I know of, and would never want to live there, but enjoy visiting some of the attractions.
57. I am continually letting important dates and events sneak up on me, I don't always realize how close in time something is.
58. I went to my first concert when I was 19, and it was the Moody Blues.
59. I think I write better than I speak, I don't think as much before speaking and I have to try very hard not to say "like" a lot.
60. I have an infinite capacity for introspection.
61. I think that if I said everything I was thinking, I'd be confirmed as the weirdest person anyone knows, and I have very good boundaries about what to share and what not to share.

62. I wear a size 9 shoe, and am the least shoe-conscious person I know.
63. I find it hard to meet and make new friends.
64. I enjoy tv but one is enough, and it's never on unless I'm watching something specific, I never channel-surf.
65. I wish there were some spare money around again.
66. I'm not as good at following through on things as I would like.
67. I consider myself a staunch feminist.

68. I try not to make snarky comments about people on the street, because you never know.
69. I try to ignore boy bands and other manufactured pop groups.
70. I get frustrated with imprecision and excessive precision, depending on the circumstance.
71. I use long and rare words all the time, and, since I've gleaned most from books, often mispronounce them, unwittingly.
72. I have always liked coffee, but I will use other forms of caffeine to stay awake.
73. I'm online a lot. This is part of my social life.
74. Chairs are okay, but I don't sit still for long, regardless of what I'm sitting on. I fidget, and get up and walk around.

75. I occasionally wish I had pursued a scientific career, back when I was making choices in college.
76. I am far too easily distracted.

77. I have always wanted to be a professional writer, and some of the people I consider friends want to be professional writers.
78. I never ate glue or playdough when I was a kid.
79. My grandparents were all born in the US, and my maternal grandparents traveled across America at least once.
80. I wonder what my future will be like, and if I'll be happy with it.
81. I don't like calling strangers on the phone to ask for things, even simple information.

82. I am afraid my parents will need to be cared for when they grow old, and that I'll lack the strength to do it until they're gone.
83. My primary education was great, I wish I had done more with the opportunities it gave me.
84. I have reasonable mechanical skills, but I'm much better at taking things apart than at putting them back together.
85. I like teaching people things.
86. I usually wrap presents in a gift bag, wrapping paper is too wasteful.
87. I don't mind rain, nor dark overcast days when it doesn't rain.
88. I get pissed off when other people try to argue with me about who I am, because if I'm not right about it, who is?
89. I am opinionated.

90. I think some of the norms we have that have to do with etiquette are attempts to oppress certain types of people.
91. I like the idea of owning a bookstore, and I would like the day-to-day reality of it also.
92. I'm not generally a picture-taking sort of person.
93. I have a digital camera; although I didn't use it much at first, I am enjoying it.

94. I can get so caught up in tasks that I lose hours at a time.
95. I choose only comfortable clothes, but I also care about how I look.
96. I'm not lazy, given something to aim at.

97. I think my attention span has decreased since I was young.
98. I'd like to invite people to join me for activities but usually assume they won't want to come.
99. I used to get together with friends for "game night" (board games) but it's been a less and less frequent occurance.
100. I don't overanalyze, but sometimes go over the same topic repeatedly instead of doing anything about my conclusions.


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