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Lovely Evening

Went out to dinner tonight for a friend's birthday. She chose a nice little Italian place, i gemelli, near her house. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered and the live entertainer was bribed to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. After dinner we went back to her house so she could open her presents and have coffee and the cannoli cake she'd had baked from scratch. Everyone else enjoyed it but it didn't taste like cannoli to me. It was good, and it had mascarpone filling but I couldn't taste the pistachios.
She got the Indiana Jones boxed set of dvds (from me), the Levenger five year journal (which she needed as she had filled one already), and rain checks for a wall hanging from Pottery Barn, a cannister set from Restoration Hardware, and the third season of "Homocide: Life on the Streets" on dvd. Then we played "Malarky" a bluffing trivia game that was alot of fun.

When I got home I played a couple games of Scrabble with an investment banker from Perth. He was quite nice, and fun to chat with. I don't like to chat too much with my Scrabble opponents but he was well spoken and interesting. He gave me a recommendation for an Aussie group, Kosheen. The single I listened to, "All in My Head" was pretty good. I hope the rest is as good.

Also, the Mars lander made it!! Whee!


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