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I feel extremely lame about this journalling thing. I spend all the time I intended to spend writing, reading other people's posts.
Went to afternoon tea today at the Peninsula, for a friend's birthday. Everyone had a lovely time, the tea was excellent, as were the sandwiches and scones. The service was ok I guess, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but as most of the people who reviewed that hotel had raved about the service my expectations were ratcheted up a little bit. The only specific complaints I have is that there were seven of us but there weren't equal numbers of "the good stuff" on the plates, so we had to do the "No, really, YOU take the last macaroon, I'll have the boring cookie" thing, when there should have been one of each for everyone. Also we had to ask for more hot water for our tea, they should have offered and much sooner.
All the nibbly things were very good though, unusual enough to be a treat, but not mystery food, like dim sum. ( I like mystery food but most people in our party won't eat rather than risk eating something they don't like.) Mmm, dim sum, that would be something fun to do next weekend.
The other fun activity this weekend was the Poi Dog show at the Vic Friday night. They were amazing, much better than at the Double Door a month ago. Everyone was there Friday and they played and sang their hearts out! The only problem was the turn-table dj thing that Frank set up, it was turned up FAR too loud. I think it took away from the live musicians playing hard on stage to have canned stuff pumping away and drowning them out. All in all it was fun, it's always great to be in a crowd with everyone singing your favorite songs. It inspired me to risk a ticket for the Saw Doctors, in early March. I figured, what the heck, Pearse doesn't sing lead on that many songs, half the experience is the audience.
Looking forward to "The Dead Zone" tonight. It probably won't be as good as last week's ep but it's still a good show. I was reading some of the questions to AMH on the USA web site and it sounds like I'm missing a lot by not having read the book or seen the original movie. Sometimes that matters, sometimes it doesn't. Highlander, frex, it didn't matter if you hadn't seen the movie, it made just as much sense (none) either way.
Started a new knitting project that seems pretty simple, a hooded baby cardigan. Shouldn't be too tough, plus if I make a mistake it won't take that long to fix.


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