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Played Whirlyball last night, I had a good time and have minimal bruises. It looks like Chicago and Colombus, OH are the only areas with this demented game--it's sort of like jai-alai and basket ball, but you play in bumper cars.
The court is about the size of a basket ball court with two goals at either end. Each goal is a solid 3 foot square with a 1 foot diameter hole cut in the center, covered with a net that senses a hit. There are two teams, five players each, every player has a sort of basket-y thing they use to catch and throw the whiffle ball. Games last about 15 minutes and each goal is two points, committing a foul gives points to the other team. Pretty normal game so far--the difference is that everyone is sitting in bumper cars, bashing into each other and the walls. The first time I played Whirlyball the "bumpers" around the cars were hardly inflated so I was pretty sore the next day. Last night was a lot of fun, partly because I was with a much larger group and partly because the bumpers were properly inflated.

The other good thing about last night was that it was the first time I'd gone to a Parrotthead event since being dumped, and I wasn't sure what kind of reception I'd get. I'd hung out with these folks several times, but always as "the girlfriend". They kept saying how good I was for their friend, how happy he looked, etc. etc. I didn't know what he would have told them so I was a little nervous about seeing everyone again. I'd like to stay pretty active in the club but if they were going to be jerks then there would be no point. Everyone was very nice though, and by the end of the night I was quite relaxed, even after Moron Boy came over and said he didn't have any bad feelings or ill-will towards me....um wait, didn't YOU break up with ME? So if anyone was going to have bad feelings or ill-will, wouldn't that be me and not you? What an ass! That makes me hopping mad but emailing him about it would be seen by him (even three months later) as "Oh, I'm irresistable, she can't stay away."


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