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Feb. 4th, 2004

Snagged from wauwau , with congratulations on living in an enlightened state.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:oilygrrl
Your haiku:nervous about seeing
everyone again i'd like
to learn about but
Created by Grahame

This is pretty cool, I wasn't thrilled with mine but it seems apt.

Yesterday was fun, I went to my first MeetUp, the Chicago area science fiction meetup. I had heard about this website before, and thought about going to a meetup, but when I was waiting tables my schedule was up in the air all the time and I didn't want to turn down a shift to go. So last night I went and sat around for about an hour with five other fans (this would be my first "fanac", by the way, lurking on rassf doesn't count) and talked about sf books, movies, even the Star Wars 1978 holiday special. It was an out of character thing for me to do, but my friends are not really fans so it made sense to meet people who are. I think part of the enjoyment of a really good book, movie, etc, is discussing it with other people-who was your favorite character, why did you like the plot, why not? etc.

Anyway, I thought it would be an easy way to start trying to expand my circle of friends, if it didn't go well, then I just don't go again, no harm no foul. It wasn't the best night ever, but it was very nice and I'm definitely planning on returning next month.

Have I bothered to get to know my new co-workers? Nope, not really, there's alot of people in the warehouse that I know already so why bother with the new people? This is silly I know, but for me the best way of getting to know someone is asking them questions about themselves and it's hard to do that without coming off as nosy.


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