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Feb. 8th, 2004

Hmm, this may mean something, then again, it may not. Hard to say.

My journal says I'm 54% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

Last night I had a piece of amazingly bad luck, and then a piece of good luck.
A friend had mentioned going to Brew'n View, we had wanted to go before, but something always came up, or the movies weren't ones we wanted to see again. You don't want to see a good movie at Brew'n View for the first time--there's people talking and moving around, the lights aren't completely down, etc. Last night they were showing "Elf", "Bad Santa", and "School of Rock" (which they show pretty much every midnight, according to the schedule). So we drove downtown, and got a parking spot in the lot across the stree from the theater, which was great, and as an added bonus, there was no attendant on duty so we didn't have to pay!!Wheee!
We got a decent place to sit but decided next time to come earlier so we could see the whole screen (the balcony cut off the top 1/4 of the screen where we were). "Elf" was just as good as the first time I saw it (I was worried that the magic wouldn't be there again, and it was, even in February). Then as the lights come up and I'm looking around for better seats I see some guy that looks like me recent ex. There's a guy with him that looks just like a friend of my recent ex. Hm. So I'm squinting away (they're halfway across the theater) and recent ex wanders over to the bar close to where we're sitting. I could not believe it. What the hell. Yup, it was him. What rotten luck. Bleh, I don't like him at all, and would be just as happy to never see him again. I was irritated that he was there, mainly because I assumed that he would assume I was there beause he was there, even though there was no way I could have found out about it. I don't want him thinking that.

We watched "Bad Santa" which is definitely too twisted for color tv, then we were trying to decide if we wanted to stay for "School of Rock". My friend (who drove) decided she could do without it so we left, along with a healthy portion of the crowd. As we were walking across the street my friend yelps "My car!! They're towing my car!!" Which was right. The towtruck guy was towing her car away. We ran up to the truck before he could pull out onto the street and she asked "Why are you towing my car?" The guy said the sign says if there's no attendant on duty the lot is private parking after midnight. We were leaving right at midnight, so he'd been sitting around waiting for 12:01, and then commenced to towing. He gave her her car back and told her to read the signs next time. Before we were out of the lot he had some other poor sucker hooked up. We figured that's why he was nice enough to give her back her car, there were about ten others in the lot he could tow. And... I swear to God this is just occuring to me now, but I bet recent ex's car got nabbed. It would serve him right for accidentally being where I am.

Right now I'm looking forward to an afternoon of shopping, then watching ROTK again.


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