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I've been reading and thinking about the marriages in SF. I think the mayor's logic is simple, it's easier to deny people something than to take away something you've given them. Taking the marriage licenses away (or null-and-voiding them) is going to be much much harder than continuing to say "No, and shame on you for asking" ever could be. It's much easier for the government to say "No, you can't" than to say, "Well maybe you did, but it doesn't count and here are the arcane legal reasons why."

If he planned to do this from the start then he was wise not to say anything about it ahead of time, the old 'it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission'. Go Hizzoner, it's your birthday!

Thanks to papersky's heads up I read wordweaverlynn's account of her day volunteering at City Hall. No one's going to take anything away from any of the people there that day (and the days before) without a serious fight. Plus it was enouraging to hear that other communities are thinking of doing the same thing. City Hall charges for each license issued and Cook County has a budget problem, Mayor Richie should think about that as an alternative source of revenue and a boost for tourism.

In book news, I finally ready Ender's Game, and wow! I don't understand how everything worked, especially in the final game, but I can't wait to read Speaker for the Dead. An acquaintance at work said that the book had been optioned as a movie, but I don't think it will ever get made. People don't like to see kids in danger and Ender was mistreated. If it is ever made then Graff and Anderson will have to die a horrible death before the end.

In other news I've had a reasonably nice week or so since I posted last. I got flowers for Valentine's Day (from my married ex-roomie, but it was still a nice surprise), had a nice night out with some former co-workers Friday the Thirteenth, and got a nice little (15") flat panel monitor on Ebay for only $250. I love the new monitor and all the space I have on my desk now.

Also I managed to let my 1-year anniversary on LJ slip past without realizing it. I haven't posted much but I read everything everyone on my friends list posts, since my writing here isn't nearly as elegant or entertaining I don't make many posts myself.

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