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No one was hurt, thank goodness..

but my car was smashed. I hit another car yesterday on my way home from my folks' house. I was headed east on a four lane road and this guy was headed the other way, in the left turn lane. He started to turn directly in front of me and I thought "What a moron! How can he not see me? So I braked and swerved to the right, thinking "He'll stop and I'll swerve around him and just miss him--idiot." He didn't stop though, he kept going, so I swerved some more and braked harder and thought, "There's no way I'm going to miss him, I can't believe this!" Then my front end hit his (unoccupied Thank God) passenger side and my airbags deployed and I thought, "I hope I don't get hurt, or if I do it doesn't hurt too much." Then it was all over. My neck is sore today and I have a bruise where my arm hit the steering wheel, but that's it.
Now I'm stressing about the car, I owe $4K on it still so they better not total it. I just signed the paperwork to take it from a lease to a buy. It only has 16K miles on it. It has my nifty (and hard to find at the time) cd and cassette car stereo. In the history of car accidents it's nothing, but aside from a smaller one in high school it's the only one I've been in and the only one I've been driving for. I've never hit anyone before. It was his fault plus he didn't have a drivers license, but still, I feel as though I failed because maybe I could have swerved or braked harder.....
Anyway, I'm supposed to get a rental delivered here tomorrow morning so I can drive to work. Even if that doesn't happen I won't walk more than two blocks before someone from work stops for me. Past experience has shown that. I live very close to work and the way I take to walk there is one of only two approaches to it.


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