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The weekend was pretty good. Spent most of Friday evening on the phone, then watched all of the "Touching Evil" premiere/movie. Seeing the whole thing made later episodes make a bit more sense. I like this show alot, I hope they continue it.

Worked on Saturday, we weren't busy, thank God, because I was the only server. The other server had called in earlier to say his wife had miscarried and the MOD's response had been to put the guy on hold to get phone numbers of other servers so he could call people to cover for him! All the reactions and sensitivity of a doorknob. The managers are so convinced that every time someone calls out sick it's fake, even when it's obviously not, that they react as if you're lying. It's possible this guy was lying, but probably not. No one wants that kind of karmic burden.

Then Saturday night I went to a party at pam's where I met lots of new people. Also there was cheese and chocolate fondue. Not cheese and chocolate together, cheese fondue and then chocolate fondue. Both were very good. It was a really fun night, even though I was disappointed it was on the same night as a games night at another friend's house. But I've heard all my old friends' stories and there were some very amusing If at All Possible Involve a Cow-type stories told at last night's party.

Went out to visit the folks today and have Easter lunch. The restaurant was pretty nice and the food was good. Then helped mom and dad with their Spain photos some more. Came home to so many entries to read I decided to just tape "Alias" so no one tell me what happened.

I'm posting now because I'm trying to clear my head of a very nasty and extremely weird nightmare about trapezes, gunfights, Vegas, college and babies that featured Brooks and Dunn, amongst other country music stars. Woke up convinced someone was in my apartment, always a bad feeling.


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