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Jun. 6th, 2004

Fox Run

This is the Fox Run Winery, one of the newer vineyards, definitely geared toward the tourist trade. Most of the vineyards in the Finger Lakes have tasting rooms so that people doing "the wine trails" can taste what they're buying. Unfortunately for me most of the wineries seemed to specialize in white wines, with a few exceptions.

Glenora, where they're not as friendly because they're usually quite busy has quite a few nice reds. It was the only place where I was able to taste one of the flavors listed on the info sheet, a pinot noir was "peppery" and yes, it was. It tasted as though someone had dumped a teaspoon of black pepper in the glass...bleh. So no pinot noir from them. Their Meritage was very good and "will benefit from cellaring" which is good because it will probably take a year or so for my hostess to send our wine to us.

The place we had the most fun was Four Chimneys where we saw a whitetail doe and her fawn before we even went in the barn. The tasting ladies were very friendly and funny and quite knowledgeable. This was nice because...

The tour guide at Widmer couldn't answer a couple of my questions, including what makes a wine kosher, other than a rabbi's supervision? They make Manischewitz there, so you'd think she would know that one. I bought a bottle of their "better" sherry as a gift for my mom and some gourmet mustard for my dad.

We also took a short boat tour of Seneca Lake, which is a 35 mile long, spring fed glacier lake, that sits on top of a huge salt deposit, so there are two salt mines on the lake. They don't involve slave labor, in fact they're probably mostly automated since they mine the salt by pumping freshwater down to it and sucking salt water up, then evaporating the water.

It's getting late so that's all for now..


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