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I'm posting just because I can. For the sheer joy of LJ.
I spent most of last night attempting to get any site with "livejournal" as part of its url to load.

I even tried using Netscape.

Nothing. Page cannot be displayed. Arrgh.

I knew LJ wasn't down as LJ Images was working and new pictures were popping up on it; the problem was definitely at my end. I also knew that it had nothing to do with opening up the pc 'tower' and vacuuming about a year's worth of dust out of it earlier last night, if I broke some hardware nothing would work, but after I vacuumed  the processor was running faster and smoother (CPU dust bunnies, who knew?)

This morning I was willng to risk disabling Norton Internet Security to see if that worked (adjusting the settings for Semagic and Livejournal had not worked). Sure enough, everything popped right up. So it would be a little risky and a lot tedious but I figured I'd disable Norton, load a page, enable it, read the page, disable Norton, load another page, and so on. But when I came home from work today everything was fine, great, better than the last couple of weeks when I've had to refresh at least once while loading every page from LJ (all other sites were fine, it was just LJ).

I do alot of stuff on line but what I like most is reading my friends list.

I'm a pretty even tempered person but nothing makes me pop a vein faster than my pc not doing something I want it to do. So I was pretty pissed off last night, I'm much better now though.


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