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Very frustrating and irritating day at work.

Everything was fine until the last hour when my supervisor gave me my "report card" for the past month and said  I would no longer be team leading.
It seems I had I had too many errors for the month. I  fill thousands of lines a month (80 and hour x 8 hours=640 a day x 5 days a week=3200 lines a week) but three errors for the month is not acceptable anymore. It was not a bad record when I left for the office two and half years ago, but now, it's no good. Keep in mind that a "line" could be one padlock, 200 plastic brochure holders,  or 100 feet of battery cable in 10 foot lengths.

In addition to filling all those lines I've been "team leading"; basically organizing the work and making sure we have enough fillers in my area for the amount of work to be done. There are lots of smaller jobs that I feel the team leader should do as well--such as make sure the printers have paper, see that we have enough totes to get the orders to shipping, that our supplies are stocked, etc. I'm good at both jobs, filling and team leading, but today my supervisor told me that three errors for the month was unacceptable and I would no longer be team leading, effective tomorrow, and lasting until my errors were down. Disappointing, but that's not why I'm furious.

I'm angry because he lied.  There are other team leaders with higher error rates than mine and (as I found out after work) plans had been made to move me out of team leading before my third error was even recorded.  Plus they're moving me to a different team which means I'll be filling  new material and as a result am virtually guaranteed at least three errors next month. I'm being set up to fail and no one will tell me why.  It's a private company which means they can pretty much do whatever they want (since I'm not a protected class) and give, or not give, whatever reason suits them. Stupidly, they chose to make this a performance issue. It's early days to worry about it really but I do have a bad feeling about this. I just hope if they do try to fire me they stay stupid and  try to make that performance based as well, I know I'm over average for quantity and slightly above for quality.

As I said, the lying about the reason bothers me more than them taking my team away. They're shooting themselves in the foot on that one, we had a good team and a productive system, and (relatively) good morale. So much for that.

This probably makes no sense to anyone but me but I needed to vent (somemore).


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