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It was a pretty good weekend.

Work was okay, even though the Cubs lost, I did okay and also got out on time. Driving  to  pam and spot's pinball party was fun because I'm listening to  Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim in the car.  It's funny and sad at the same time,  full of stories that may not be factual but are still very true. If you know what I mean. Generally I prefer audio books performed by  the author, and in David Sedaris' case, this goes double as he's a gifted monologuist.  The party was full of food, frogs, new friends, and fantastic stories. I played pinball as I have always done--really really poorly. And I learned that even when the game is free it still sucks when the damn ball runs  right between the two flippers. I only left when I realized how late it was, I didn't want to be on the Kennedy and "hit the wall" so to speak.  Didn't get home until three am, which hasn't happened in a good long time.

Went to see King Arthur this afternoon. It wasn't as disappointing as it could have been because I knew about several plot points ahead of time such as Merlin's a shaman or cheiftan but not a wizard and Guinevere and Lancelot never get it on, although you can tell that while she respects Arthur she loooooves Lancelot. It also helped to know that the dialogue was going to be substandard, even for the genre, where writers or directors seem to think that if an actor says a bad line in armor then no one will notice how awful it is.  It was a shambles, but a very pretty shambles, with lots of Clive Owen (in leather pants, hello!) and Ioan Gryffud, who was sporting facial hair that in the Dark Ages would have required a team of trained barbers to maintain, but again it was very pretty.  Also we saw the trailer for Vanity Fair.  Can. Not. Wait.

Movies I still need to see are Anchorman, Coffee and Cigarettes, Fahrenheit 9/11, Napoleon Dynamite, and Riding Giants. That last one will have to wait until it's showing around here, right now it's in NYC (that surfing mecca) and California. 


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