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I'm leaving tomorrow night for four days of relaxing in Michigan, including but not limited to; swimming and sunbathing, eating too much home cooking (not cooked by me), and sitting around a campfire drinking while making s'mores and toasting salami (I know, I know, it's good though, really, trust me....)

There will be ten of us crammed into a small  house, so we're not roughing it. The surrounding woods, the lake (not Michigan, a small lake) and the six hour drive still make it feel as though we're getting away from it all. Mostly it's  the six hour drive.  If it rains this weekend then we'll play trivia, rummy tiles and Michigan rummy. Rain or shine there will be lots of time to read, so  I'm bringing Vanity Fair, a Cyteen collection, and the new Harry Dresden book.

The only detail that I would change (other than more time) is the full moon this weekend. I would rather it  be a new moon, the better to stargaze, look for shooting stars (you can't wish on a meteorite), and try to find the satellites slowly hurtling through the Milky Way (which you can see there, it's just not visible in Chicago). But even with a full moon there will be more stars visible (by several orders of magnitude) there than here. 

Insert your favorite "Be good, if you can't be good be careful, if you can't be careful then name it after me" -line here.


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