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I finally went to see The Village last night. My main problem with it is not enough Joaquin Phoenix. It's much more Bryce Howard and William Hurt's movie than Joaquin's. The trailers were misleading in another way as well  (spoilers in the woods) but I think that was deliberate and necessary.  M. Night needed the audience to buy the idea of monsters in the woods.  The audience had to be just as scared of the woods and the creatures it contained as the villagers were.
But the monsters weren't real, or rather there were monsters in the movie, but they all lived in the village. The scariest part of the movie (IMHO) was the very end when the elders decide to use the death of one of their children to prop up their scare tactics and lies. I think most people who saw it didn't like the movie because to some extent that's where we live. The twist at the end wasn't really surprising because that was the only possibility, really. I did like M. Night's cameo and what there was of Joaquin was phenomenal. Bryce Howard is just amazing, she was fabulous on "Firefly" and even better in this part. I will be seeing this movie again, mainly to watch the elders interact with each other.

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