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Good weekend

I had a good weekend, not busy which was nice, but still good.

Friday night I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I was impressed by the spectacle and the arena. I like the parade of history and the parade of nations is always fun to watch as the athletes are so excited to be there.  I completely forgot to watch "Monk" though, so I'll have to wait until the middle of the week to see the new one.

Saturday I had an eye exam and got fitted for contacts. I don't normally wear contacts or glasses even though I have a pair of glasses, they're five years old. But I had noticed lately that when I did wear them things were still a little blurry and when I didn't wear them, even squinting didn't help. It's still more of an annoyance than anything right now but I was really bothering me and if I don't wear the contacts my vision will only get worse. I have to get my drivers license renewed in January also, and would rather have a good vision test than have to go back. The contacts are great, I went to work at BW3 that afternoon and I could see the Cubs (winning) score without squinting. Since no one wanted to do anything Saturday night I stayed in and cleaned and did laundry. After I was (mostly) done I settled down to watch Big Fish again, with the director's commentary.  This is the first Tim Burton film I've ever watched on dvd so maybe someone who's a fan of his can tell me, does he suck at commentary? Is that why the Big Fish "commentary" was an interview? It was so annoying. I like hearing the director and/or cast members talk about the movie as it rolls along, how long this scene took to shoot, how cold the water was in that scene, etc.  The was an interview. Some guy (I didn't catch his name) keeps asking Tim Burton stuff about different aspects of the movie, but you can't keep that up for two hours without generating questions that make the person answering repeat themselves. Burton seemed to get a little impatient himself after awhile, adding the phrase "as I said before", or "as I've already said",  to many of his answers.  It wasn't a complete waste of time but  it's my least favorite commentary track so far. (My favorite has to be the Ocean's 11 commentary, entertaining with fun little tidbits about the movie done by three or four cast members.)

Today I went to The Bristol Renaissance Faire by myself, because my friends mostly want to go and see a couple shows, shop for awhile, then leave. I got there at 10:30a, and by 11 I was sitting in my first show with my hair in a braid (literally). I finally had it done at the fair. She did a good job but aside from the tiny teal silk roses added as decoration, I think my friend's cousin did a better job for free when we were in Michigan. At the faire I saw Moonie the Magificent and Dirk and Guido, the Swordsmen right away. I went to get something to drink,  then picked three bars of soap from Cream City Soap company, and went back to get a seat for Broon's noon show.

Broon is my favorite act at the fair; he's a self-described "itinerant comedy juggler" and he also does fire eating and escapes from a straitjacket, while suspended above the stage. Plus he's really really funny. Unfortunately all the Broon shows today were cancelled--bastard.
ETA:Ok, now I feel like shit. I just checked a Bristol discussion board and it turns out Broon was doing his escape from a straitjacket stunt and the cable broke, so he fell a good 20 feet still in a straitjacket. Rumor has it he's mostly ok, which is good. I take back all bad thoughts and send him good ones.

Then it was off to the glass blowers to watch a demonstration and debate about buying a hand blown goblet with the colors of a beautiful twilight sky. The glassblower is amazing and makes really beautiful things which y'all can see right here.  Then it was time to get a turkey leg (only being sold in one place this year) and some beer, and take them to the jousting field to get my favorite seat for the joust--right next to the 'chute' that the knights come thundering out of on their steeds. Knigh-ty goodness! Unfortunately my favorite knight, Sir William de Bracy, wasn't there today, so I watched the joust of skill, wandered around some more, saw the Swordsmens' last show and headed home.

The weather was perfect for faire, sunny and warm but not hot. I was a fun day.


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