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ETA:I just updated semagic and now none of my pics are posting, but here's a link.

This was the hottest place in Chicago last night. No really, it was about a billion degrees and there was not a breath of wind off the lake. The game itself was ok.  Mainly I went to check out the new, improved Soldier Field, which looks much much better inside. Outside it still looks like a demented fruitbowl shaped space ship landed on the old Soldier Field.  Our seats were in the "no acraphobics please" section, where someone who had any kind of heights issue would be very uncomfortable. Those stairs will be tricky when it's snowing. That's all I'm saying. I could read the players' uniform numbers, even from the nose-bleed seats because I was wearing  my snazzy new super-moist contacts lenses.


This is the view from our base of operations last night, a loft in the South Loop. Great view but the owner can't figure out the programmable thermostat so it was a little toasty in there also.  (Sorry the view is out of focus, I followed my camera's instructions and it still came out blurry.)

Tonight we're off to see Jimmy Buffet along with 40,000 of our closest friends. I really don't want to go and am very unexcited by the whole idea of dealing with the circus-the crowds, the noise, etc. I'm driving so I know I won't be getting  drunk. That's a good thing though because alcohol just enhances whatever mood I'm in, so right now more beer means more grumpy. 

That's all the pissing and moaning for now, more later.

Whoops, almost forgot, there was an awesome thunderstorm last night about 1-3am. I got to sit out on my balcony and enjoy the show, it was actually very peaceful, especially after the power went out.


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