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Tonight my friends C. & G. hosted our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza at their place. I posted a few pictures in my LJ photo gallery here.  Please be aware that the pictures are HUGE, I forgot to shrink them before posting. I will shrink them tomorrow but right now they're gi-normous. In case you're wondering I'm responsible for the "zombie" face in the front, it reminds me a lot of that one Queen album cover so I've named my pumpkin "Freddie."  And yes, those are special pumpkni carving tools you can see in the background. We have quite the collection of those. Since we also do Christmas cookies every year we also have way way WAY too many jars of color sugar, sprinkles and nonpareils.

ETA: The LJ Pics site automatically shrinks them to a normal size, if you want to count our pores just click again to get the full size picture.

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