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Not Really an Update

Lots of stuff has happened and nothing has happened (to me anyway, too much has happened to too many other people).

I went with my folks to visit my brother and his family for Christmas. It was good to see him, his wife and their girls. My neices are growing up so the excitement of a visit from Aunt Lori has dwindled quite a bit. The nine-year old still likes to do crafts with me and play tinkerbell Uno but the 12 year-old spent most of her time on AIM chatting with the 50 or so friends on her list. We did do some stuff together, like go see the Lemony Snicket movie (cute, I don't need to see it again, but it was enjoyable), go out to dinner a couple times, and since it was Christmas, we did some shopping together. Their animals (two dogs and two cats) were adorable, it was nice to be in a busy house with kids and animals. We had our sitdown dinner on Christmas Eve (ham with all the fixin's) and watched "A Christmas Story."  Christmas itself was nice, the 12 year-old got clothes mostly and the 9-year old got an electric guitar from Santa. Then we went to the movies and the young one and I went to see "Fat Albert" which I liked better than her (I'm pretty sure she's never seen "Fat Albert") and my brother, sister-in-law and older neice went to see "The Darkness" which was apparently 'dumb.'  The next day I flew home. The flight was uneventful, the best part was flying right over my town and seeing the highschool I attended, my apartment, and the place where I work from the air. I always get a kick out of that.

Then it was back to work for four days, then off Friday. I slept in, went to see "Spanglish", then went to the grocery store along with every other person in my 'burb. Refused to pay $.50 each for Walker's shortbread cookies, so I bought the ingredients for chocolate martinis and left. Went to Cost Plus where I found Walker's on sale. Then I took care of the two presents that had to be returned-cologne instead of perfume, and FULL SCREEEN HP dvds. What were they thinking? Who buys full screen?  I guess the people who have their tv set to never display in widescreen, that's who. My brother is weird sometimes.

The NYE party was nice, we ate, played a homemade trivia game, then split into two groups, one played blackjack and one (the one I was in) played Trivial Pursuit: Booklovers' Edition. Whew, that was a long-ass TP game. Wound up having three martinis over 7 hours, so I went home that night. Did my part to "ease congestion" (the lame excuse they're giving for doubling tolls paid in many instead of by electronic device) and slept 'til noon. Went yarn shopping, then to a friend's house to watch "Garden State" and "Along Came Polly." I like GS very much and didn't hate ACP. I thought it would be a gross-out fest but all the gross-out "funny parts" were shown in the trailers, it was an ok romantic comedy.  GS was a much better film, and I like Zach Braff and Natalie Portman much better than Ben Stiller (who seems to be a pretty one-note guy) and Jennifer Aniston.

Today I went to see "Closer" finally. It was very good, but would have been hard to watch as a play I think, because so much depended on seeing the subtlety of expressions.

Then I went to Target and for $30 more than two new ink cartridges would have cost I got a whole new printer/copier/scanner. Also it prints photographs, something my free with purchase printer couldn't.

That's what's new with me. Pretty boring stuff, that's why it's behind an LJ cut.

Also, if anyone knows where the picture I'm using for an icon is from please let me know, thanks. I lifted it from someone, probably from here but I can't remember who.


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