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Well that was nice!

It was my birthday yesterday and I worked a normal day. It wasn't an awful day but since I seem to be very irritable lately it was an irritating day. 

Normally I would go out with my folks on my birthday but they're in Florida until March, so  instead of cooking a DiGiorno thin crust and watching "CSI" by myself I emailed my friends to see who wanted to join me for dinner out.

Five of my closest friends said they could make it, we went to  J. Alexander's and had what I call  a "wine commercial" night. It was the six of us at a round table in a nice restaurant laughing and talking and (in my case) relaxing after an annoying day. Everyone except one friend with exceptional will-power got the prime rib with smashed potatoes and we shared a couple of desserts. I haven't been to J. Alexander's in a couple of years so I was amused by the huge serving of potatoes that came with the meat. It was twice as much as the last time I was there. Think enough for Richard Dreyfuss to work with in "Close Encounters."

Two of my friends didn't realize that it wasn't the 'official' celebration so they had brought their gift, a copy of Fluke by  Christopher Moore and a gift card for Borders, which was convienently placed across the parking lot. After dinner we took the party to the bookstore, everyone scattering to their favorite sections, meeting up again at the  register.

I got The Annotated Brothers Grimm, three calendars and Mind Hacks

Tonight I cooked the pizza and am about to fire up the vcr (yes, I know) and watch CSI. But tonight it's not my birthday, so that's ok. There was a get-together for work that I could have gone to  but I'm still crabby and not in the mood for a crowded noisy bar.


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