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Pretty low-key weekend so far, I got up in time to visit my folks for lunch. We went to Olive Garden again this week as mom and I both wanted another plate of the chicken presto ravioli, mmm, it was very good. We decided to go see "Chicago", as all three of us wanted to see it and there was a show at a convenient time. I loved it! It's exactly the kind of musical I DO like, complete with sparkly costumes and rousing songs with a great beat, I just wish I had known that "All That Jazz" comes at the beginning and is not reprised. I kept expecting them to do it again at the end. Oh well... The sexiness and implied lesbianism (on Momma's part) made me squirm a little, but my folks didn't seem too horrified which is good. It was my idea to go and I would hate to have them not enjoy the movie. I shouldn't really have gone as I was very tired, it was hard to stay awake on the drive home.
Then I went with a couple of friends of mine to their cousin's house for karoke. I had never done karoke before and didn't want to at all last night but I didn't want to look like a snob so I kind of had to sing. It was awful, terrible, if I could sing decently I would say so. I would love to be able to sing well, but I just can't. I murder "Happy Birthday", it's bad. But I did it and it was a small price to pay for spending the evening in a nice family kitchen with kids from one to 12 years old running around, a nice golden retriever who loved to be petted and just general happiness and companionship. I didn't know most of the people there well, but I know enough of their family members well enough that I didn't feel like a complete outsider. It was very nice.
This morning I finished the third Harry Dresden book, "Grave Peril", which leaves Harry even deeper in hotter water than before. I hope he doesn't do a Laurel K Hamilton thing and just keep ratcheting up the tension and the stakes with no respite. For one thing, I don't think anyone could stand that, they would go nuts after a while. Secondly, the readers need to feel that the main characters battles have won them more than a brief break before bigger, badder battles start (this is why I'm not a critic, I get descriptive for more than a couple of sentences and I start alliterating(?).) It's an excellent page-turning series so far, although I have noticed a number of glaring editing mistakes, something that happens more and more often. I'm not sure if that' S because of copy writing or the decline of editing skills but it's noticeable, at least in genre fiction.
After finishing that I downloaded "Jeeves in the Morning" from Audible, burnt it, and listened to the first disc while walking to the grocery store. Because it's sunny if still cold, and because I can. Then home to make a copy of "Like, Omigod" the 80's box set from Rhino, for a friend's birthday. In a few minutes I'm leaving to go see "Old School" - it looks funny, but we'll see.


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