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I finally went by BW3 last night and it turns out that I was fired. They  just never bothered to tell me.  I went to check the schedule last night and I wasn't on it, but the general manager was there, so I asked what was going on. Heehee, what a 'rabbit-caught-in-the-headlights' look he got then. He started sputtering about '..along time ago...he wasn't doing the schedule...shift I missed...' etc. So the up-shot is I no longer have a part-time job. This is nice as far as my schedule is concerned but I liked the idea that I had a little extra money coming in  and could get more if I needed it. I would have been there 2 years at the end of March. So now if I want to trade some of my spare time for extra cash I have to find somewhere else I wouldn't mind working, learn the job and figure out a schedule. So for now I'm going to split the difference by using my extra time to save instead of spend. F'rinstance, I've been religious about bringing my lunch to work, I haven't bought anything from any of the vending machines at work in a couple weeks. If I don't bring my lunch I can put upwards of $5.50 into the machines for junk.

I use the extra money to buy stuff like the audio book of The Truth, from Audible.com.  I would include a link except right now I'm very very unhappy with them. I bought the book, downloaded it, but their software will not let me burn the cd. Something about activating my pc too many times, which would be their fault, since everytime I burn a book I've bought they make me activate it. They supposedly support  Creative mp3 players now but (not surprisingly) their software wasn't working with either of my Creative players. Bastards. So I called the phone #, was on hold for about a half hour, then was hung-up on. Great. When I called back there was a recording claiming their help center was closed due to bad weather. Ahh well.

On the plus side my neighbor across the hall cleaned off my car for me, very nice of him.

Also to the good, the laundry is done, the groceries have been bought and the windows have been washed. (What good is all that pretty white snow if my windows are grey?)

Now I'm off to the theater for what's becoming my traditional Saturday double feature. This afternoon/evening is "Hotel Rwanda" then "In Good Company."

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