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Whee!! Phone happiness!

Back in October I bought an unlocked Motorola v400 to replace my serviceable but dull cell  mobile  wireless phone. It didn't need to be replaced but I had gotten a bee in my bonnet about having a better phone and I didn't like the range of options available from AT&T, so I bought an unlocked phone on eBay. The only problem was that it had not been configured for AT&T's email, so I can receive email  but can't send any. I had been dithering about this, and when I saw that Motorola offered a USB cable and software for the phone I finally made up my mind to just go ahead and get the package. They arrived today (thank you to the neighbor that brought it inside for me from my building's front stoop) and now I can  transfer files from my phone to my computer and back.

So now I have  pictures on my phone that I actually want to look at, and the ability to download any music that's on my pc for use as a ring tone! Also it's very easy to add dates to the calendar  and  contacts to the phone book. Not really a big deal but it's the little things I guess. 

Now if I can just get the darn thing to accept the file of the tasmanian devil I'll be completely happy, or at least somewhat content.

Also I uploaded a picture of our table at the Turkey Shoot (meat raffle) I went to with a bunch of friends the week before Thanksgiving. 

This should be small, so no cut...

Pork products of every kind!

That's alot of pork on that table, two hams, two salami, a box of brats, plus two turkeys and a duck. Gambling for meat, that's when we win.


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