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Just back from another fabulous (and expensive) birthday dinner. This one was at Catch 35 in Naperville. I had an assortment of oysters, a very nice salad, then halibut with portobello mushrooms, crab and some lovely asparagus. Dessert was deep-dish apple pie and was on the house because we wound up waiting awhile for our entrees. It was probably the waiter's fault as he stopped waiting on us and the manager took care of us for the rest of the meal. Also I could see the kitchen and he was in there doing the "hurry-up" dance before our entrees came out. So they (he)  screwed up but they were sincerely apologetic and made it right. I would definitely go back. Plus the food was fabulous. I gave my friend the cute top  I knitted for her, she seemed to like it but didn't have a chance to try it on.

I thought I had mentioned that my earlier USPS/Netflix problem was solved but I guess I just meant to mention it. Not that I've had time to watch the new dvds. I have a feeling March will be a good month for movies though, no Lost and no Numb3rs. My third week of SG-1 and SGA and I'm liking them both. Don't know why I thought they were junky, they're not.

I watched some (Galen-less) eps of Crusade today. Now I 'm wondering why I had to have it. It's....okay. Not as good as I remembered, unfortunately.  Have watched a couple eps of "Forever Knight" as well. (Yes, that's right, I got the second boxed set. I don't know, all I can tell you is LaCroix darling, LaCroix.(Ok, that's a crossover from hell-- AbFab/Forever Knight. Ouch!)) 

Got a little bit done online today--followed cleolinda's link to a nice HHGTG trailer and used screen caps to make some nice icon bases (email me or comment and I'll share), tracked down the catchy song ( Mai Ai Hee) that Headphone boy is doing his chairdance to, and grabbed that, and changed my LJ's title. So glad to have a regular dose of Ray Radlein again.

Tomorrow's big plan is grocery shopping and buying and reading The Cassini Division, I'm fucked a little behind on the book-of-the-month.

Also finished reading Blink, another fascinating book by Malcolm Gladwell, and Lamb, by Christopher Moore. I've decided to stop telling people he's hilarious because when most people hear that they think he can't be a good writer and be funny. Chris Moore is most definitely both.

Lastly, the Nebula awards/banquet will be in Chicago this year. Anyone want to go with me?  I've never been so I don't want to go by myself, but the tickets are $105.


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