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That was NOT supposed to happen

I was going to try and post more regularly this year, and as with so many other things, "I'll do it tomorrow" got easier to say every day.

22 days without a post, not a record but I was doing much better this year.

So let's see, where were we?

Oh yes, Eastern Standard Tribe. Didn't love it. I liked Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom much better. I haven't read the short story collection yet so we'll see how the count stands after that, right now it's 1-1. I'm going to reread EST before the Meetup, maybe my opinion will change.  In other book news I finished rereading Snow Crash and was surprised to read parts I had no recollection of from the first time I read it. Enjoyed it again though.  Everytime I pass a bookstore I go in and look for The Stone Canal and The Cassini Division. I will read them eventually.

Shepherded my folks downtown on Wednesday for a matinee of "Les Mis". While they were in the show I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which as I had been warned didn't have much of a permanent collection. The current exhibit sounded more interesting than it actually was. Oh well, at least that's out of my system.  Also finally watched the last of my Netflix, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" which was sort of like "A Beautiful Mind" only not good.

Missed taping "The Office" last night, was it any good? In other bad tv news, does anyone know when the final episode of "Enterprise" will air? According to Jolene Blaylock "it was...appalling." Can't wait for that.

The thumbnails seems to be showing up but there's alot of white space, just a sec....nope can't fix it.

Wrigley, etc.
Wrigley, etc.

                Chicago skyline formtl
      Oh Luuucy!
Oh Luuucy!

                That's what popped into my head as soon as I saw this sculpture.


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