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Lots of science fictiony goodness today. It made up for having to set my alarm on a Sunday.

I got my two Cory Doctorow books signed by Himself, and pam, spot, pyropyga, and oneleggedman got their books signed as well. On our way out oneleggedman pointed out the latest book in the Garrett PI series (one of my favorite series), Whispering Nickel Idols. Since I recently realized that the Garrett series is (at least in part) an homage to Nero Wolfe I also picked up a random Rex Stout to see what the original is like.

We went to Govnor's Pub for lunch (mmmm, appetizers).  Lunch was ok, the food was good but  they were a little busy for one server and the ATM machine was out. Next time I'll get cash first.  We had a nice time talking about the relative merits of "Earth 2", "Space:Above and Beyond" and "Jeremiah" amongst others.

Then we were off to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", only we had a lengthy wait. So we picked up our "Serenity" advance screening tickets, then occupied ourselves in the mini-arcade.  You don't know how out of shape you are until you get your ass kicked by a video game. In my defense it was a boxing game and after a while the 'gloves' got to be pretty heavy. It was also frustrating that the game couldn't sense my mad bobbing and weaving skillz, so every time the other 'boxer' threw a punch it landed. Fun though.  I was ranked 85th, then 52nd on the boxing machine, then pyropyga strolled by and got 12th rank. Fine then.

We got good seats for the (digital screening) of the movie, and maybe it was my imagination but I do think the picture was better; sharper and brighter.  The movie itself was good, I liked it quite a bit. I thought Sam Rockwell's Zaphod was exactly the way he was supposed to be, but they never mentioned Trillian's degrees in math and astrophysics. Marvin was good and the Vogons were disgusting, and Mos Def was good as Ford Prefect. The soundtrack was unremarkable except for a few areas where it was the musical equivalent of being poked in the arm by someone again and again while they whisper "Isn't this beautiful? It's stunning isn't it? Grand and majestic? Isn't it? Isn't it?"  But most movies do that at some point. It's as if the studios think the audience won't respond to the film unless all their buttons are pushed at once.

At the end, look for DNA in space.

Has anyone reading this been to a taping of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"? They're taping here in Chicago this month and I'm thinking of going.

ETA: I just looked here for WWDTM tickets and the panelists are TBA. Also tickets are $20 which is twice what I thought they'd be. Half the reason I wanted to see a taping was that Roy Blount Jr. is usually a panelist. Hmmm, I think I may wait a bit on this one.


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