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Serenity and Saturday

Not much to report since last week. The last Science Fiction Meetup was on Tuesday, next month we'll be meeting as the Chicago Speculative Fiction Community. It was a fun meeting, we had three new people show, they seemed nice, I look forward to talking to them again. Thursday I made it to the Serenity screening in good time, along with Spot, Pyropyga, Seashellullaby, and oneleggedman. The two-hour wait went really quickly, it was fun to see all the people who had dressed up (there were lots of Inara's, a Kaylee, and a couple of Men with Blue Hands) and generally enjoy the atmosphere. I had emergency supplies in my bag, including stuff to do for any line situation---an mp3 player and headphones if I was standing by people I didn't want to interact with, a book if I was standing in line with no one to talk to, and knitting in case I had people to talk to.  We passed out some business cards for the newcommunity/website, so we'll see if any business results from that. Probably not as free 'tattoos' were also being passed around. We also discussed logo ideas. I still like this one.

It needs to be cleaned up a bit, but it works because it's a Chicago 'thing' (the city flag) with the stars on the flag replaced by appropriate symbols--a rocket ship, a computer, a book, and (eventually) a dragon or wizard or something to symbolise fantasy. 

Anyway, back to Serenity. I liked it, a LOT.  The filmed intro with Joss (we didn't get anyone btw, no BDH's at all, Boston got Morena and Sean) was entertaining all by itself, and very Whedonesque. The copy of the movie we saw was pretty obviously unfinished, but more in a "looks like old fim from the 70's" way rather than "green screen effects not done" way.  Everybody was back (not a spoiler), I think the plot might have been a little confusing if you weren't paying careful attention. For instance (minor spoiler?highlight to read)  I was surprised to find out when they go to the bar to meet with the guys, that the thing they did first, wasn't for themselves alone.   I get irritated when tv shows repeat the same information over and over (especially in the space of an episode) so I shouldn't complain about not being knocked over the head with exposition, I guess I'm worried that people not familiar with the show won't get it.

My feeling is that in the short term I can give away books and sell more print books, in the medium term the fame that I derive from having the electronic books spread far and wide affords me more opportunities to sell magazine articles and so on, and in the long term, being at the centre of what everyone does with electronic text will help me choose the right thing to do when the time comes and people need to choose. So that's my three-part plan for making money by giving books away on the internet. And the salient thing is that at no point is this a loss-leader. At no point to I concede earning less money than I would have if I had gone the traditional route. At every stage I maximise the revenue that I get today and ensure a more profitable tomorrow.

I'm not in this because I'm a starry-eyed info-hippie. I'm in this because I'm someone who wants to make as much money as humanly possible from his writing.

More stuff later, late for Dear Frankie now.

ETA: Working tags, I tried to get fancy with thumbnails, sorry for the irritation.


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