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I would walk five hundred miles

That's not a guess or an exaggeration, in 100 days of work I would walk at least 500 miles. One of my cow-orkers wore a pedometer for the whole day and that's how much we walk, 5-6 miles a day.

So it kind of sucked that my left foot decided to stop working this morning. I couldn't really flex the ball of my foot for most of the day. No idea why. I hadn't strained it, twisted it, dropped anything on it, kicked an immovable object with it, nothing. Seriously, I woke up this  morning and my foot was like, "About this bending thing you like me to do--not so much today."  I really hope it spontaneously gets better as I really don't want to go  to the foot doctor and have her be as puzzled as me.  Also I need to walk fast at work and that's tough to do when you can't bend your big toe very much, it makes for  a very silly walk indeed.

I say 'her' for the foot doctor,  but I don't know whether it would be a her or a him. I don't have a regular foot doctor. I don't have a regular regular doctor either(I know, I know, I know, I KNOW). That's tomorrow's post-Pub Quiz project, finding a local doctor in my network. Actually, it's more like finding a list of local doctors in my network and then calling around to see who's still taking patients. Same with dentists. I had a great Santa Claus stand-in of a dentist but then he retired.

Now for the regularly scheduled weekend update.

Saturday, grocery shopped while cursing Jewel for their new 'tv' monitors that blare ads at you WHILE YOU'RE IN LINE. Seriously, if they're going to do that, they should put the ads on the shopping carts. As long as the checkout lines have been lately I'm not getting out of line to go back  for stuff I need, never mind whatever they're shouting at me to buy. Laundry. Then dinner (and Cold Stone Creamery) with friends who are in the process of moving into a new house. Tour of new house. Cool. Sadly their new kitchen is full and most of their kitchen stuff is still at their old house.

Sunday was lunch with ex-cow-orkers. Every time I talk to A. who still works in Catalog (my old department) I'm even more glad I 'm not there anymore. Yes, I  had a desk and a phone there, but I also do NOT have an ulcer. So it evens out.

Almost finished with Dead Beat, I'll be reviewing it over here later this week.


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