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Those are the three trivia answers that were right. Three right answers that we erased and changed to monarch butterfly, the Vatican library and The Allman Brothers. Keeping any one of those answers would have resulted in a tie. The tie-breaking question was "How many gallons of fuel does a 747 hold?" I have no idea and in this paranoid atmosphere I'm not going to Google it. As it was we tied with another team for second place. I'm still kind of mad about that. Especially since monarch butterfly was my idea. The good part is we all agreed on the wrong answers. It really sucks to be the one trivia team member who insists on an answer that turns out to be wrong. (I've done that, but we wound up losing by way more than one point on those nights.)

Other than that there's not much going on around here.

I finally finished Dead Beat, the seventh Harry Dresden novel from Jim Butcher. I enjoyed it immensely. Harry's character was changed quite a bit over the course of the novel, but it wasn't forced. Some new characters were added, with future appearances a possibility, we got a new insight into his nemesis Morgan, and there was hardly any Murphy. There were several Chicago details that led to some sputtering on my part. I actually marked them with post it tabs so I could go back and include them in an email to Butcher that said (nicely) you might want to at least get a decent map of the city you've set your series in. I mean really, the University of Chicago is NOT in Lincoln Park, Cabrini Green was torn down a while ago and the character that was supposedly living there wouldn't have been even if it was still standing. No one in Chicago has an old iron mailbox that could dent their SUV, unless they had first driven the SUV into their building's lobby, and there are no BILLBOARDS on Lake Shore Drive. Gah!

My friend B. who has also read all seven Dresden's was mocking me for not having a problem with werewolves and talking skulls, and instead taking issue with the above points. Well it's a fantasy novel so if I have a problem with werewolves and talking skulls then I've picked up the wrong book. I just find it amusing that every Harry Dresden novel (they're all set in Chicago) has several "Get a map!!" moments. I liked the plot and the new characters. One of the new characters is even a possibility for a Harry replacement. He's a younger, brasher, smarter-assed version of the Harry we met in Storm Front. There were lots of references to events and characters in past novels, some of them I remember well, some of them not. No reference was obscure enough to confuse me though. I'll come up with a review for our blog sometime this weekend.

Did anyone see the Northern Lights this week? There were a bunch of pictures floating around of the unusual display. I saw the first round of pictures and reports but wasn't up late/early enough to see them myself.

In other news, my foot is at about 95%. Still no clue what happened to it but it's better now.

In book news it's looking like July is the new September. The new Harry Potter comes out in July (as if you didn't know), the new George R.R. Martin is out that month as well, as is Accelerando, the new Charles Stross novel. The latest Janet Evanovich is out in late June.

Sigh. The TBR (to be read) stack is getting taller, plus I'm running out of room to shelve the new books when they've been read.

Also if anyone out there knows the source of a quote that goes something like this

"Every now and then I think about what I would have been like if Usenet had been around when I was sixteen. Then I have to go lay down for a while with a cold cloth on my forehead."

please let me know. I couldn't get anything out of Google Groups.


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