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The Rest of the Weekend

Before I forget here's the rest of my weekend.
(ETA: This is actually last weekend, this weekend will consist of lots of Alieve and keeping my new  'bum' knee elevated and iced. (With ice, not frosting.)

Saturday, spent the afternoon gardening. I don't have a house but a friend needed help installing (as she put it)  the plants that she had ordered. It wasn't a big deal, about twenty  4" plants needed to be planted. But first the plot she was going to use needed some serious work. About 10' x 8', it had been neglected for at least three years. One of my friends thought that a Garden Weasel would be up to the task! Not bloody likely. So while the garden's owner and another friend were at the hardware store I was using a spade (or shovel, not sure which) to turn the dirt. When they came back I was pretty much done, but then I had to go to the hardware store to get some peat moss and the Garden Claw, to mix the peat moss in. If it had rained on my freshly turned earth, it would have turned right back into concrete and killed the tender plantlings. The fourth member of our team was mainly babysitting our mascot, Leo, the cutest little Shi-Tzu in the world.

Then the garden's owner bought us dinner (Culver's) and we watched Fletch, which didn't hold up as well as I would have thought. Recently I had been thinking about finding a copy of  "Foul Play" on dvd, but after watching "Fletch" for the first time in years, I think "Foul Play" may not be as funny as I  remember, and I'll let it lie.

Sunday morning I fussed with my little mini-garden on my balcony. I planted the snap pea, spinach and zinnia seedlings and repotted the tomato plant. That turned out to be a mistake as it has spent this week dying.  Some of the dirt I used was about four years old, there must have been a fungus in it.  Later on Sunday I went to Pam and Tom's for Tom's birthday. They had lots of yummy food (as usual) and Tom schooled those of us foolish enough to play him, in Donkey Konga, which is more fun and also harder than it looks. Tom also played the  "Leroy Jenkins" clip from (I think) World of Warcraft. That was hilarious. Of course I apparently have an odd sense of humor, as I was the only one who found the MikWright birthday book I gave to Tom,  funny. It was nice to see their friends again and meet some new people as well.

Monday was spent reading. I finally finished The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, and started Crossing the Line (which actually does, cross at least one line, so far).

The rest of the week was spent working, walking on an increasingly painful knee. Finally yesterday morning I just couldn't do it anymore, and went on "light duty."  So now I'm wrapping thius up, then going to my insurance company's website to see if the knee doctor that was recommended to me is "in network" and try to make an appointment for this month.  I've never had an injury before so we'll see how this goes. No idea what happened, btw, I don't remember doing anything that made my knee hurt.


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