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My knee surgery is tomorrow.

All I can say is, it's about goddamn time.

It hasn't really been bothering me lately but that's mainly because I've been babying the crap out of it. I've been on light duty (no walking) at work, I go down the stairs 'old-lady style' (left foot up, then right foot up to meet it, then left foot up, etc) and not squatting, or kneeling. Also I've been using some form of assistance to walk for the past week, alternating between two crutches, one crutch, and a walker (the best for my knee but pretty damn embarrassing).

Celebrated Father's Day a day early, since I completely forgot about it and made plans I couldn't break (read, bought non-refundable tickets) for Sunday, then I had to leave early on Saturday anyway to get downtown in time to go to dinner with pam and spot and David WINOLJ. Dinner was very nice, accompanied by a nice red wine who's name I've completely forgotten (help me out here guys). Then the four of us joined unhipster for Neil Gaiman's Stardust .

I loved the play. It was performed in a fairly small space, with minimal scenery but fabulous costumes.  I think the performances were very good, they pretty much had to be, the space was small enough there was no room for fudging. Each of the actors (except one) played multiple parts as well, changing from a dead brother to a drunken sea captain, to a goat. The "special effects" were minimal and dignified by the word 'primitive' but since Stardust is a folk/fairy tale I think that the no-tech sfx worked in the actors' favor. All they had to do was take the sfx seriously and so would the audience. While the theater wasn't as flashy as the theater district show places  it was still a nice night (for one third of the cost of a Les Mis ticket). The adaptation was quite good as well, it's been a while since I read Stardust but I don't recall anything they left out. 

Then Sunday was Batman Begins. I got there about an hour and a half early. Since I was sporting the single crutch look it took a few minutes to get from Lake Point Tower (where I parked because the Navy Pier parking signs LIE) to the pier. Took a couple of snaps of the outside (which you can see along with the group shots here), then went in, got the tickets and hobbled over to Barbara's to see what they had. Not much, but I did run into the other early bird from our group, and shortly thereafter most of the rest of our group gravitated to the bookstore as well.

The movie itself was pretty good. I have never seen a whole Batman movie, I've seen enough of them to know I don't care about seeing them in their entirity. I liked the backstory and the development of Batman/Bruce Wayne's character and Christian Bale was surprisingly appealing in the role. My favorite character was probably Michael Caine's Alfred.

I finished the new Garrett PI book and the Nero Wolfe I picked up to check out the similarities between the two. There were more paralells than I had thought. The Nero Wolf book was actually three novellas and they were all good, I liked them ok, but there are other things I'd rather read.

The Family Trade, for example. I like it quite a bit and my next Charles Stross title will be The Hidden Family, even if it is in hardcover.

It's almost midnight now, time to drink as much water as I possibly can before I'm cut off at midnight.


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