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Catching Up

Hello Everyone, new to this group, I got a late start here but I have been reading this year, so here's my list so far--

Power Lines, by Jason Carter---Jimmy Carter's grandson spent two years in the Peace Corps helping teachers in rural South Africa update their educational program. That sounds much drier than it is. The most interesting part of the book for me was the difference in the two SA's still. Generations of brutal, legal oppression are going to take generations to fully overcome--the poverty is still there, just because people aren't forced to live in townships any more doesn't mean they're not living there or that their conditions have improved. Some people's quality of life has improved but there's still a long ways to go in many areas. Well worth a read, a personal account of an outsider's time in a country in transition.

If Chins Could Kill, by Bruce Campbell--Didn't seem like an autobiography since there wasn't much info about his family, grandparents, brothers, etc. lots of stuff about acting, getting movies made and making movies (there's a difference). A fascinating tour of the industry with an opinionated funny down-to-earth guide.

That's it for nonfiction so far. Now for the good stuff.

The first three Harry Dresden books, Storm Front, Fool Moon, and Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher. Harry is a professional wizard, working in Chicago, helping people find lost keys and spouses, and helping the Chicago Police Department's Special Investigations unit (think X-Files) with their cases. He has a number of things to contend with, a malevolent Faerie godmother, wizarding rules to dance around, and suspicious policemen. Harry is a character type that I enjoy quite a bit, a powerful loner who wants to belong, with an uneasy friendship with more powerful people, think Vlad Taltos, Croaker of the Black Company, or Garrett PI. Very entertaining reads.
Terry Pratchett's The Thief of Time, since I've read all the other Discworld novels except The Night Watch. It's pretty good, not his best but not his worst.
It seems like I'm forgetting a bunch but perhaps not.


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