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Two Vicodin later, here I am

Surgery went well (they tell me).
Got to the hospital on time, had vitals taken numerous times and the IV was hooked up on the third stick.

The nurse was very nice. Seriously. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. By which I mean I napped napped and napped some more. That would explain why I'm awake in front of the computer at 2am.

I was all IV'd up and ready to go at 1:30 and they didn't come get me until about 4. So I napped. Then they came and got me, put me under, did stuff (the doctor told my parents, all I remember was something about 'debriding the patella' and something about bumps elsewhere), then I woke up and napped some more in recovery. Then back to the outpatient room, dress, completely fail to score any Long John Silvers for dinner (but I didn't have to eat the nasty hospital food they accidentally brought me either) and scoot on my backside up the four flights of stairs to my apartment. The doctor said I could put weight on the leg, but  it would probably hurt (ya think?), and there's no way I was risking a broken neck for my dignity's sake. So scooting it was.

Then returned a couple phone calls, caught up here, played some Scrabble, started reading Singularity Sky, got frustrated at lack of sleep and here I am.

Now I'm off to attempt to fix the HTML on the LJ interests meme.


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