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Bristol on the Spur of the Moment, Got it Out of My System, Definitely Going Again

Update on the knee, I'm walking ok, bending it to a certain angle ok, but still no weight on it and no kneeling or squatting. So I spent Friday sweating my ass off at work as I was back in the mix and filling all day.

When I woke up yesterday it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it would be hot, but not too hot and not in the shade.
I thought about what I wanted to do that day. Zoo? No, not enough shade and lots of walking between houses/enclosures. Park? to do what, lie in the shade and read? Not all day. Movie? There are some I want to see but not a whole day's worth and I don't want to waste the day inside. Then I thought, "I'll go to Bristol. It's 9am, if I leave by 10am I'll get there by eleven and have several hours before I have to leave. I should go."  But then I wasn't sure. I went by myself last year and stayed all day. Though I got to see all the shows I wanted to see (except for Broon, who fell from a strait-jacket 20 feet in the air, so he was off that weekend), it wasn't as much fun as going with someone was. (That's why I'm looking forward to going with these characters.) I decided to keep on getting ready, I could change my mind easily right up until I pulled onto the tollway.  When I was pretty much ready to go except for getting cash and gas I called the one friend of mine who might not be (but probably was) busy. Basically the only reason I called was that it doesn't hurt to ask and I'd feel pretty stupid if this was the one Saturday all summer she wasn't doing anything. So I called and it turns out she didn't have anything to do, wanted to go  and could be ready in an hour. Amazing.

So we went, hitting the road at 10:30 instead of 10 (that's an important half hour Saturday morning on 294/94) it took us almost two hours to get there instead of a little over an hour. No accident, no construction, just....traffic. Another reason to not like Great America--its traffic gets in the way of getting to Bristol.  So we got there, used our coupons ($10 admission this weekend only), got a schedule and figured out there were only two shows we wanted to see that we'd have time for, then wandered around shopping and people watching in between. We saw the Queen's Progress pass by, then Dirk & Guido, The Swordsmen!. The Swordsmen are fun, but at this point I've seen the exact same show about 10 times. They might vary the fight moves but the dialog is what sticks with me and that hasn't changed perceptibly in a loooong time. 
I was happy to see Broon on the schedule, recovered from his multiple broken bones. We didn't see his show so I don't know if he's doing the straitjacket escape trick again after his fall, but I doubt it. He got up on Moonie's rope and seemed genuinely freaked out about it. Didn't see Moonie's solo show either,  but we did see Broon and Moonie together. These guys are amazing and pretty funny on their own, but together they're hysterical, my favorite show at the faire. Missed the joust this time, watched the glassblower make a commissioned custom bowl, wandered some more and went home.

Only bought food, beverages, and the tumbler shown below. It was made by an apprentice but it's still goregous. Food was about the same as usual, the mushrooms were a little more expensive but you get the take-home size in a Ball jar now. Pop was outragous though, 3.50 for what would be a 'medium' drink. Gah. On the other hand I observed several people with their own canteen-type things so they must be relaxing the the 'no outside food or beverages', either that or they brought them in empty and filled up with the free water or the (yummy) cheap sassafrass ($1 a glass).

That night a friend had invited me over to watch movies with her while she 'dog-sat'. He's a huge Newfie who has a tendency to get into trouble, like getting too rough with the little black fuzzball below. So everytime the dogs (her shit-tzu and the newf) and cat were too quiet she'd have to go find them and make sure they were'nt getting into anything. It was a nice relaxing night though, after the busy day.

Hand-Blown Glass TumblerHand-Blown Glass Tumbler

                Blown by an Apprentice (still pretty) so it was a bargain!


Little Black Fearless FuzzballLittle Black Fearless Fuzzball

                Cutest! Kitten! Evah!


Big Ass Slobbery Lovey DogBig Ass Slobbery Lovey Dog

                He's huge. Those tiles? Are a foot across. He comes up to my hip.


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