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Michigan Weekend

The Important bits----

I saw a bald eagle in the wild, it flew right over me!!

Won at trivia, lost at gin.

Spent a very pleasant hour stargazing and looking for shooting stars (and wishing on them, why not?)

Got sunburned.

Friend had an emergency (is there any other kind?) appendectomy.

It's been a while I know. This past weekend was our annual trip to a friend's family cottage in Michigan. There were only six of us this year, instead of eight, so everything was a little more spread out.
We left Thurdsday night, later than the hostess would have liked, she wanted to stop at a new place that's supposed to have fabulous burgers, the name escapes me. So this year we stopped at Steak 'n Shake in Holland, the same as every other year. Best service we'd had yet though. Then on through the night while I stayed awake! I think the secret was taking the day off of work and sleeping as late as I could, normally I'm asleep before we get to Indiana. Once there we greeted the prodigal group member who flew in from Rochester, then drove from Grand Rapids. The next morning we woke to gray skies and three different kinds of breakfast pies. The pies were delicious, the skies were depressing, so four of us decided to cheer ourselves up at "Troutarama". Corn dogs and funnel cakes cure most anything and by the time we were finishing our home-made ice cream it was clearing up and turning into a good lake day. So we checked out the teeny tiny trout farm and then headed back to lay around by the lake.  It got hot enough we wound up laying around in the lake as well. I was the last to leave the water and while I was down there I got to see the lake's wild Bald Eagle! It flew around over the lake a couple times then flew right over me! It was very cool. Also I was shaken down by a family of swans that are used to being fed by any human they encounter. All the snacks had been taken away already and  I seriously thought Papa Swan was going to go for me. After some serious glaring they finally gave up and went away to shake down the next unsuspecting vacationer.

Then it was dinner time, then homebrew trivia (which I won) and then the fire. The  fire was nice, we had a decent crowd and the essentials--cosmopolitans, s'mores and salami. After a while though I couldn't resist the lure of the perfect starry sky and took a break from the fire to go down to the lake, lay on the dock, and lose myself in the one of the best night sky's I've seen up there. As a bonus it was the best time to watch the Southern Delta Aquarids, I saw six shooting stars! As an extra special bonus I had pleasant company that talked just enough.

Saturday started out bright and sunny right away.  I managed to get the worst sunburn I've had for sometime by not greasing up right away and then staying in the sun too long. I was planning on being in and out of the water and in and out of the shade but it didn't quite work like that. I spent about an hour standing on the dock watching (and videoing) my friend attempt to ride a 'stand-up' jetski. She'd almost get it going, then tip over. Finally she got a couple good rides and I got a couple minutes of grainy video of them.  The last to leave again, I wound up serenading the lake because once I started listening to my music all I wanted to do was sing. I didn't want to read, I didn't want to sleep, I just wanted to sing. The best way to do that without harming innocent bystanders was to sit on the end of the dock and sing. So I did. I was hoping to see either the eagle or the swans again but no such luck. Then dinner, michigan rummy, and another (smaller fire), with a few of us going stargazing afterwards.

Sunday was hot and bright and sunny and I was stuck in the shade, as being in direct sunlight made the sunburn hurt. A lot. So when I got too hot I'd dash into the lake, paddle around with the water up to my neck and then run back to the shade. Could have been worse I suppose. Then Sunday night off to another family member's cottage (although I would be thrilled to have it as a house, it's on the lake in the woods so it's a cottage or cabin) to play more michigan rummy.

Monday we left. About a half hour into the trip home my cell phone rang it was B., one of the friends who didn't go that weekend (retail, gotta love it) telling me she had a 'hot' appendix and she was going to have an emergency appendectomy and could I feed her cat. Yikes. So the driver hauled ass to get us back home, I went in, turned on the A/C and headed out for the hungry cat and the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital they had finally gotten my friend into surgery. So I waited a bit and then went home, where I discovered two former co-workers from BW3 now live in my building. OK.

That's all for now, more later.


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