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Okay, I'm not currently an athelete. I was a couple of years ago, I got pretty into running and I worked out with weights regularly. I'm going to get back into it, as soon as the weather gets better. So I had picked up the only two issues of Sports Illustrated Women magazine because it looked interesting and I thought it would encourage me to get back into the exercise habit. They had some good articles, interesting profiles, recipe ideas and fun stuff like "Olympic Bobsled Champions Go to the Makeup Counter". Imagine my disappointment when I went to their web site to see when the Feb/March issue would be out and found out that after two issues they've called it quits. It was disappointing, I liked the magazine and thought they did a good job with what they were trying to do. Oh well, I thought, maybe I'll try Shape, or Fitness, they won't be the same but they're better than nothing. Then I noticed the ad on SI Women's former site, for the swimsuit issue of SI. Grrr. So no one, the publisher or sponsors, can get behind a magazine that features strong confident women participating in sports they love, but it's still ok for us to be cupcakes. That's great, just great.
End of rant, for now.

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