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After starting out gray and threatening, then clearing up briefly and then having a tornado siren go off just before we entered the faire we (me, pyropyga,unhipster, Rich WINOLJ, and Leane WINOLJ lverhulst and her party) weren't quite sure what kind of day we were in for. We made it to Wyckham Field for the early joust and actually got seats in the grandstand (!) for the joust of skill. The knights were ok, but none of them were William de Bracy (see icon) although 'our' knight could have been his son.
Then we went to see the Swordsmen, and I'm sorry guys, you know I love you,  but for not changing even your patter for ten years you get a raspberry from me  and one more  empty seat at your shows.
Broon was next and he was great, back in top form after his accident last year. Then we shopped a little, ate some, wandered a while, and then we were by the glassblower just in time for a demonstration. After the demo I snagged another beautiful tumbler (there's no mark and it was only $30 so I'm assuming it was done by an apprentice) that's a gorgeous clear teal at the top, gradually turning into what look like vertical 'whitecap' stripes. (I'll take a picture when I get my camera back.) 

After that it was time for some archery, something which sounds fun but results in a bruise the size of a very large egg on one's forearm. If one is me. After that we saw the end of a demonstration of combat for footsoldiers by the Guilde of St. Michael. They seemed very knowledgeable and into it, they even had weapons for people to try after the show. (When I got home I went to their website and discovered why they seemed so knowledgable and 'into it'---they really need other hobbies. Really. I can't imagine being that into any one thing. Seriously.)  After that entertaining yet informative demo we sat in the sun to watch the falconer. He, his assistant, the birds, everyone but the dog, did a fabulous job. He got a little out of breath but that's understandable as the horse he used to ride while flying his birds (hawks and falcons, but only falcons are noble. If you want to know why you'll have to go see him.) is not with the show anymore. The birds were beautiful and rivalled anything flying over the lake this weekend for grace and beauty.  I was ok with the falcon flying straight at me and then pulling up, it would have been a little more pants-wetting to have a fighter plane do that.

Then  a little more shopping and it was almost time to go, except we had one more show. The Broon and MooNie show. Alone they're hilarious with pretty amazing acts (acts that unlike the Swordsmen's change every year or so) but together they're almost painfully funny. They were good this time, not as funny as the first Broon and MooNie show I saw, but pretty close. I think Broon spent about the first 15 minutes making fun of poor MooNie's sign for the show. It was hand drawn, and well, here's a picture that Rich took, see for yourself....

MooNie, Broon, and um SignMooNie, Broon, and um Sign



By the end of the show it was definitely time to go home, which we did fairly quickly. I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all.

Yesterday I got new steel toe shoes (finally) and saw "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" which was funny and surprisingly sweet. Before that we saw trailers for "Prison Break" the tv series and then one for "Serenity" the movie---it's almost September!!!


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