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So, Friday afternoon I get home from work, check the caller ID and see that amongst all the telemarketers there's one number I recognize--my mom's cell phone. Assuming she just left a message to remind me to bring something or other out to their house on Sunday (my usual day to visit them) I leave it until later to check my messages.

Then my cell phone rings and when I check the screen there's a number that seems slightly familiar but doesn't have a name from my phonebook attached, so I let it go to voice mail and when I collect the message it's my Dad (who will be turning 70 next month and had a double by-pass seven years ago)  telling me he's at Delnor hospital in room 311. 'That's weird', I think to myself, assuming that he was visiting someone there, 'wonder why he's calling me from the hospital instead of waiting to call until he gets home.' So I call back and ask what he's doing there and he tells me it seemed like the best place to be, "Why?" "Well I had chest pains at 3am and so that's where the paramedics brought me after we called 911." Guh. So I ask what's going on now,  and he assured me that they don't think it was a heart attack but they're going to keep him overnight for observation and a stress test in the morning. So I tell him I'm getting off the phone now and coming out to see him, he says "Oh that's not necessary." !? Yeah, actually I think it is kind of necessary.

Anyway, to keep a long story from getting even longer, everything was indeed fine, his nitro pills had even eased the pains before he got to the emergency room. He did fine on his stress test and was home by lunchtime on Saturday. It was just a little scary is all. Normally my folks don't act particularly old so it's easy for me to forget that this sort of thing will probably get more, rather than less, frequent.

So I stayed with my Mom Friday night but continued with the planned trip to Millenium Park on Saturday.

A couple girls I used to work with and I try to get together once a month or so and do something. Since none of us had been after Millenium Park was finished  we decided to spend the day exploring the park. We came in on two different train lines, both of which were crowded enough to delay the trains, and on mine they ran out of tickets to sell!

Then we walked to the park and ambled through the prairie garden, complete with 'creek'-- a fountain running for a couple hundred yards in a black stone trough about 6 feet wide. It runs next to a boardwall walkway and there are two steps down to it, so it's easy (and encouraged) to slip off your shoes and dangle your feet in the water. Then we went and checked out the music pavillion, and then the Bean (or more correctly, Cloud Gate) which was still roped off as they were pressure-washing the area around it. Then we went to check out the face fountains (or The Crown Fountain) but they were under repair, so no 50-foot high faces were spitting yesterday. Then it was time for lunch at the slightly overpriced (but  pretty good) Park Grill. After that we went over the wave bridge (which I discovered today exists partly to dampen traffic noise for the music pavillion) and on to the rest of Grant Park.

After a while the beautiful sunshine got to be a bit much for fairskinned three of us so I said suggest we go see what was going on at the Chicago Cultural Center. When the two of them admitted they had never been in the old library building I knew we definitely had to go so they could check out the ornate staircases and the beautiful mosaics and stained-glass domes. So that was fun for me to show them this very cool building.

After that it was time to go home, but since we were just a couple blocks from the Wrigley Building I suggested taking the water taxi which would get us to the train station quicker and easier than walking. They hadn't ever taken the water taxi either, so that was fun as well.

After I got home and rested for a bit I went to Palmer's with friends for a lovely burger and a bottle of La Fin du Monde ale and then some poker and liquid cookies.

And finally my one picture 'from' Bristol this time (I hear there are lots of others but I've only seen a few from one camera toter) the lovely new Great Big Sea tumbler.

Green TumblerGreen Tumbler

                Handblown glass tumbler, purchased from Sir Shannon at the faire. I love the color(s), the glass reminds me of the sea, with the jade and teal greens fading to clear near the top and turning to 'whitecaps' on the ridges near the bottom. I know it's not in focus, I blame the almost dead battery.


ETA: How did I not know that our very own halfling thief lverhulst was on LJ? All you Chicago-SF people go friend her now!


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