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Busy Busy

No Katrina stuff here, pnh and tnh, cleolinda, and Xeni are doing a much better job of that than I could ever hope to do.

Nice  weekend so far, busy but not too .

Thursday was D&D at pam and spot's house, we were missing two of our nine regular players but we made it through without dying. Our dwarf (oneleggedman)  kicked some serious ass and even my barbarian (Brick) got to kill something (finally). A good time was had by all once everyone arrived, traffic was truly hellish as the Bears and  Sox were both playing.

Then Friday I went shopping with some friends for their trip to Hawaii (yes, I'm very jealous, I'll get there eventually, but still) and found the perfect jeans jacket and a sweater at Old Navy. Friday night I finally watched the last of my SciFi Friday tapes (this one was from three weeks ago, SG-Atlantis was a big slashy shoutout). Now I'm on recaps until I can find someone willing to let me come watch with them--I can provide beverages. 

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my folks  mostly bowling ball and shoe shopping with mom (with a stop at the Little Traveler, tchotchke capital of the world), then I went and had a lovely bison burger outside at Palmers with my friends, followed by games and dessert (some kind of uber-rich ice cream brownie turtle torte, yum!).

Today I went to a party that a lady from work had, she had decorated her entire backyard in cool tropical themed stuff, even her little dog had a lei on. I had to leave that party early though, so I could go see "Transporter 2" which was only a disappointment in that it featured 80% less shirtless Jason Statham than "Transporter" did. Saw a big screen trailer for "Walk the Line"--so there, whatever day it opens, love Joaquin and Johnny Cash was the coolest.

Then back home where I tried to read "Iron Sunrise" but got sleepy and took a little nap, which probably means I'll be awake to see the sun come up tomorrow. I might have been able to see the sunrise across the lake up in Michigan, if I had had the balls to ask to go and been prepared to drop everything until Tuesday,  but neither of those things happened(?) so I spent a restful weekend here, wishing that I had at least asked. Oh well, it's not going anywhere, there will be other weekends (I hope).

While at the Little Traveler (where even the stupid potholders are encrusted with sequins and doo-dads, I kept flashing on Scalzi's post over at the Whatever about what being poor really is (read the comments as well). I seriously wanted to turn bull-the-china-shop until I remembered that I have much more in common with thos ladies in their appliqued holdiay 'theme' sweaters than I do with most of the rest of the world, like it or not. I don't worry about where my next glass of clean water, or decent meal is coming from, nor is my insomnia caused by gunfire in the night. A friend whos birthday is coming up seriously asked us to donate to Katrina relief instead of getting him a present, he has the right idea. If everyone did that for just this year, think what a difference we could make. I intend to donate blood in his name as well as make a donation. Also cleolinda has a good idea, she's starting a CafePress shop whos proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity (since CP pays out quarterly HfH will be looking for money about the time her donation is ready to go).

I'm trying not to think about Rehnquist, it just makes me despair. This can't be good, they'll get someone in there and all of our rights will be gone and all of the channels that we would use to fight for them will be gone as well. I think more people are angrier than the right thinks, people are so tired of the bullshit there's only so much more they're going to take. Then all hell will break loose and it will be interesting to see who's up against the wall first when the revolution comes (to borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams), my guess would be Robertson. 

Kohl's will be accepting donations of clothes for Katrina victims (they were planning on a sale involving donations anyway, they've just changed the destination of the clothes) so even if you don't have any extra cash I'm sure some clean t-shirts or shorts, or whatever you have would be appreciated. I personally will be donating clothes that fit once but will probably never fit me again. Irritating, but there are worse problems to have, obviously.

Also, in case you don't read cleolinda (and why don't you, what's wrong with you) here's a link she provided to make cash donations go further.

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