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This is just getting silly

I think I should be looking into a frequent buyer card for the cafe at Delnor Hospital, or possibly my folks should be asking about a quantity discount, have two treatments and get the third one free. I spent the evening there again as my dad had what he thought was a kidney stone. He went to the ER and they admitted him, did a CT scan and discovered a 2mm stone that was 2/3 of the way out. So they prescribed some pain meds and sent him home. Whew.

The non-whew comes in when I consider that as a young man (late 20's) he had kidney stones fairly frequently, but hasn't had a problem for years and years, until this past March when he had a bad one. I hope they are not going to become more frequent.

Otherwise the day was perfectly pleasant (for me anyway), I finished Iron Sunrise, by antipope and am looking forward to the next installment. Next on the list, Ringworld, picked up at a used book sale months ago and never finished.

Walking to the grocery store (it was a nice day, I didn't have a time crunch and gas is $3.24/gallon) I saw the coolest car ever. It was an old old black-and-white police car with a huge gold star/seal on the passenger door that read "Mayberry RFD Sheriff", one enormous red light on the roof and Antique Vehicle plates that read "B Fife". I was giggling about that all the way to the store and back. I wish the driver had stopped so I could have snapped a picture.

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