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Constant Shaking

Went to see "The Constant Gardener" with pam and spot tonight. It was a good mystery/thriller, and well-acted but all three of us were distracted and nauseated by the camera style which was a kind of pseudo-documentary "Blair Witch" lite. Lots of spins, fuzzy focus moments and disorienting camera moves.

Outside the theater there were roughly 357,000 teenagers, less interested in doing something themselves than they were in walking around and seeing what all the other kids were doing. Many of them were waiting in line to see "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", a movie I hadn't heard of until looking for a show to see tonight.

Sucky day at work, with inside temps once again outstripping in-the-shade temps outside.

My friend, Appendix Girl, got fired this afternoon and the only explanation she was given was that she was 'not a good fit'.  She's not a protected class (yet) so she can be fired because she doesn't paint her nails the right color, so why not give her an actual reason instead of a 'cover your ass' reason? That's so frustrating, one minute she was their Golden Girl who would have her own store in 6 months, and the next she's out the door. The only thing I can think of is that the company's own handbook mandates a 10 minute break every three hours and the girls at her store weren't getting their breaks. She mentioned it to the store manager (her boss) and wanted to do something about it but apparently no other managers felt 'breaks' were necessary. That's not right.

Had a voice mail today from the lawyer's office wanting to confirm that I'll show up for their little arbitration deal on Tuesday (this relates to an accident I had in March of '04). Someon left a voice mail asking me to call and confirm that I would be there, the person who left the voice mail was the same one I talked to Thursday at lunch time, to confirm that I'll be there. Dur.
What a way to spend a vacation day, helping an insurance company recover money from someone who probably doesn't have it. If I thought for one minute that the guy (who didn't have a driver's license) would actually show up, I probably wouldn't go.

I'm reading Ringworld, still, it's a slog (which is a combination of 'slow' and 'going', an etymology I like better than 'an alliteration of slug') because it's so dated. Everything from the 'molded couches' to the recreational sex to the 'handmeals' to the over-population theme is just screaming "70's Cheese! 70's Cheese!" I do like the idea of a person who's a good luck charm, that is kind of cool. One thing I don't like is the (single) Kzin. He's alien and very 'kzin-ish' mostly, except....sometimes Niven seems to forget.

That's it for now, no pictures of cute pooches today. If you want some cute cats though, head on over to Chicago-SF.org for our resumed Friday cat-blogging.

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