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More irritating than interesting

Went to the insurance company's arbitration on Tuesday. It was pretty annoying. Not only did it cost me an entire vacation day (I JUST missed the train that would have gotten me back in time to work a half day) but the other (unlicensed) driver wound up being covered by the company the car was insured by. My IC's lawyer confirmed that the other car's 'insurance company' was one of those places that took your $500 a year for the minimum legal coverage and then they're in the wind, they don't answer their phone, etc. So the other driver wasn't there but his IC lawyer still had fun saying that I was lying and wasn't a good driver. That was about as much fun as it sounded like. The amazing part is I"m pretty sure I kept myself from sighing loudly and rolling my eyes. So it may go to trial, it may not, we'll have to wait and see.

Gah, waiting. Great. LOOOOOVE waiting. One of the reasons I love it so much is that oftentimes it means that I'm wrong and I loooove being wrong even more than waiting. Waiting to be wrong, wow. That's the awesomest combo ever. And yes, I'm not talking about the stupid accident anymore. Also if someone could invent a sarcasm glyph I would be eternally grateful to them. Thanks.

In other irritating news, my evil manager Saitin, is not leaving today. I found out last night she's not leaving until the middle of November. Way to ruin my day. Week even.

But, I was cool last night and this morning. I was chilly!! Fall is coming!! Yeah!!!

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