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Mmmmm, Chili!

Spent last night making chili for a surprise party I'm going to tonight. I used my Mom's chili recipe and knew how much of which ingredients to add, all except the spices. I knew which spices to add but couldn't remember which ones were 1 T and which were 1 t. Right after I added the last pound of ground beef and everything was simmering (in the el cheapo 8qt. stock pot I got just to make and carry the chili), Mom finally called back with the recipe. It still tasted underspiced to me this morning but it was ok. I hope thoroughly cooling it and then reheating it will bring everything together. I should have just doubled the recipe instead of tripling it, but I thought the chili was going to be the main dish for the western themed party. Turns out its just going to be a side dish, they're grilling chicken, burgers and brats as well.  I'm skimming at least three servingsof chili for myself before it even gets out the door. Chopped the garnish onions and black olives this morning, now all that's left to do is make a donation to Katrina victims in the Birthday Boy's name (that's what he asked for as a present, very nice fellow) and get a card. Oh and also (finally) get my bowling ball and shoes (whee!) AND a pair of cowboy boots of my very own.

Then it will be time to go decorate the house, and jump out yelling "Surprise!"

Pictures will probably be posted tomorrow under a FLock.

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