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Wheee! It's Fall!

Yay!! It's cold out! Chilly with clear skies and leaves that are starting to change. I love fall; apple picking , pumpkin carving, leaf raking, sweaters, everything about it is  shiny.
Also since it was chilly today I actually put on jeans for the first time since being around the fire in Michigan. Mmmmm, Michigan </homer>
And the jeans I couldn't get on earlier in the summer fit just fine now! Whee, that's what losing 15 pounds will do I guess.

D&D was lots of fun, even though my character, Brick the (Chick) Barbarian has really bad luck with rolls. She managed to kill two wolves tonight but was covered in diseased entrails afterwards. After that while trying to help put out a (potential) forest fire she dumped a barrel of oil on it instead of water (she's a barbarian, they're  illiterate and she grabbed the wrong barrel) and hilarity ensued. It is a lot of fun though. mostly because we're playing for fun, and not just to 'win' (grab lots of XP and loot).

In other news, new journal title and name. The title is a song title that some of you might recognize from eight years ago, and the name is the first line of the chorus of said song. Like the mood says, I'm dis-a-fucking-pointed and that's an awesome song to play really loud in your car and sing along with. That one is going on my "DisaPOINTed" playlist, joining  "18 Wheeler" (Pink), "Unexpected" (Sprung Monkey), "Battle Stations" (Bill and Ted's Mumble Mumble), "Another One Bites the Dust" (Queen), "The Confessor" (Joe Walsh), "Lucky 4 U 2Night I'm Just Me" (SheDaisy), "Trouble" (Pink), "Bye Bye" (JoDee Messina), and the anchor of the whole playlist, "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show", by the Divine Miss M.

Off  work tomorrow and since no one else is off I'm going to wander around the city, flowing in a rub-a-dub stylee fashion. Definite stops include the Art Institute, the Civic Center and Millenium Park (this time I'll download the mp3 self-guided tour), so expect pictures on my flickr page. Then going out for dinner and after that....."Serenity"! Finally it will be a real live movie that other people are going to be paying to see!!! (I caught one of the first previews but haven't been able to make any since then.) I should also see "Mirrormask"  this weekend as it's in the same position as "Serenity", it needs beaucoup bidness in the next few days to get a wider release. So "Roll Bounce" will have to wait until next weekend but I am very excited about that one as well. It looks really sweet and very entertaining (synchronized roller dancing!) and has a killer soundtrack.

I've been busy all week (Italian class Monday night, out Tuesday night, LOST and "Veronica Mars" Wednesday night, D&D tonight, and dinner and a movie tomorrow night) so I'm way behind on my reading my flist though I am trying to keep up, so comments will be forthcoming. Nothing new to report on Wednesday's post, just that the days are creeping by and this post has nothing to do with that one.

ETA: Almost forgot, I had one of these and wore it proudly in high school and part of college. (Thanks to matociquala for the link.)

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