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Another Serenity Post

buildings and bean
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For all of you not satisfied with giving Joss your own hard-earned money, you can now print out and distribute these "Serenity" mini-posters to encourage others to boost the box office.
The showing I went to last night wasn't sold out but it was respectably full. The movie was good (again) and got a postive reaction from the audience (which included other groups of unofficial browncoats). While waiting outside the theater for the last member of our party to arrive I saw the coolest thing I've seen in a long time (except for Serenity itself, of course). The northbound lanes of Western avenue were entirely taken over by cyclists. Not spandex wearing cycle-geeks but just regular bicyclers, most of whom didn't even have lights on their bikes. They were escorted by a minimum of police cars and looked like they were enjoying themselves immensly. They wore no numbers or uniform t-shirts so I had no idea why there was 10 minutes worth of cyclists rolling by and waving, occaisionally shouting "Happy Friday" at everyone who was gawping at them. Once I got home I poked around online and since there was no mention of the ride on the news figured it was probably the September edition of this.

I had the day off work so I spent most of it in the city, as I was meeting a few people for dinner I wanted to be downtown already so I wasn't driving in at 5pm on a Friday. I would have taken the train but that presents it's own problems. Public transit is great, but at night getting to and from the stations and el stops is dicier than I would like. I would take the train in for stuff at night much more often if there was an el stop at the metra station, but there is not. Just several deserted blocks of downtown between the el and Northwestern Station. Maybe I could get a cab, but maybe not and by then we're into parking garage money.
Anyway, I enjoyed the beautiful day in the gorgeous city, first at Millennium Park, which was great. I was glad I downloaded the mp3 audio tour, it's a good way to make sure you see everything in the park. Also you learn things like the hedge around the Lurie garden is intended symbolize Chicago's big shoulders and to be permanent, creating a peaceful oasis as it grows and cuts out more traffic noise. I took some pictures I'm pleased with and put them here.

After that I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo , where I only got a couple pictures before my camera battery started to die on me. That'll teach me not to charge it fully ahead of time. I'm also thinking about getting a backup battery, I can get a generic one for about $25 and there are a number of times this year it would have come in handy.

Then dinner at a cute Thai place, Dharma Garden Thai, which was very yummy. Then the movie.

I'm going to try a little experiment with posting directly from flickr, if it wrecks your friends' page do not fret I'll fix it asap.

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