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Damn life keeps interfering with my internet time. I just got caught up on my blog roll  this weekend and then remembered today that I haven't checked in with Boondocks, Get Fuzzy and Doonesbury in about two weeks. Yikes.
Tonight was Italian class, which I like but which I am going to have to devote more time to than my lunch break on Mondays if I want to actually learn any of this stuff. When I got home I went on  a brief cleaning frenzy, 'cause, damn.
Tomorrow night I'm out again,  Wednesday is coffee with the girls, Thursday is bowling, so I'm not trying too hard to find something to do on Friday, I'd rather stay home and  catch up (again) with my online stuff and watch Numb3rs and Threshold.
I was shocked and appalled to read about Neil Steinberg's domestic violence arrest. I hadn't been keeping up with his column but liked his stuff well enough to buy all his books. Now I may as well toss them as he's not who I thought he was. I don't want to read the thoughts of a guy who beat(s) his wife. rollick had a post about whether or not you can enjoy an artist regardless of their personal life. There were plenty of arguements for and against but I am unable to discount the person behind the art, or writing. Just can't do it.
That's it for now.

ETA: Also last night I read the last BSG ep recap on televisionwithoutpity.com. Damn. Almost glad I don't get the SciFi channel anymore, which gives me an excuse not to watch what read like a harrowing hour of tv. Maybe I'll look for a dl when it's closer to January.

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