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I am now twenty pounds lighter than I was a couple months ago. I know this is true and not just The Scale's attempt to curry favor because a lot of my clothes are fitting better and I'm able to use the next to last hole on my belt rather than the third from the last. Whee! What's my secret you ask? It's really very easy. Just try not to eat much after work. I've been having about half portions (if that) for dinner and when (if) I get hungry having a glass of water and/or an apple before having anything more caloric.
Also I woke up this morning and it was cold outside! Finally! Enough with the 80 degrees and 90% humidity. It's October, we should all be wearing sweaters and windbreakers, at least.
ANd in even more good news, the White Sox won last night. Generally I root for the Cubs and don't really care about the Sox, in part because lots of the Sox fans I know are obnoxious and they cheer when the Cubs lose. Cub fans don't do that when the Sox lose. With all the Sox attitude floating around you'd never know that Tuesday's win was their first post-season home win since 1959!!That's right, fourty-six years without a post-season home win. And their fans give Cub fans a hard time. I'm nearly positive that the Cubs have had more than one post-season home win in the last 46 years. So the Sox doing this well is even more of a shock than when the Cubs don't suck.
Bowling tonight, my first chance to compete with my very own, new, ball and shoes.

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